SiriusXM to Replace Chris Cuomo With Host Who Lied About Twitter Hack

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Former C-SPAN host Steve Scully will replace Chris Cuomo as the midday host on the SiriusXM POTUS channel, the service announced Monday.

In December, Cuomo vacated his daily 12-2 pm show on SiriusXM after CNN terminated his contract. CNN fired Cuomo upon learning the extent to which he aided his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in response to sexual harassment allegations.

SiriusXM has rotated a lineup of hosts since Cuomo departed.

If the name Steve Scully sounds familiar to you casual news viewers, then it’s likely in relation to his own mishaps.

C-SPAN suspended Scully in 2020 for lying. Scully reached out to Anthony Scaramucci to combat criticisms from then-President Donald Trump — who bashed the idea of Scully moderating the eventually-canceled second presidential debate in 2020 — but accidentally made his inquiry public.

Instead of owning up to his mistake, Scully blamed hackers. Later, Scully admitted he fabricated the story and left C-SPAN. So SiriusXM hired a liar to replace Chris Cuomo.

It’s unclear if Sirius pushed Cuomo out or if it was his decision to leave, as he says. Seven months later, Cuomo has not returned to television or radio. He hasn’t even started a podcast.

If it was Cuomo’s decision, he miscalculated his market. And Cuomo suggests he’s actively looking for a landing spot by updating his Twitter bio to “FREE AGENT.” He’s available.

Cuomo is a talented broadcaster despite his baggage. Scully, meanwhile, is a host of a different flavor. Scully lacks the animation and passion that elevated Cuomo to a polarizing media figure. Scully is mild and has a slower cadence on-air. He is an interesting choice.

In addition to the program on Sirius, Scully will continue to host events in collaboration with the Bipartisan Policy Center. SiriusXM says some of these events will air on the service to “encourage fierce debate while also seeking common ground for practical results that will enact real, positive changes for the country.”

The Briefing with Steve Scully joins a lineup on POTUS with Michael Smerconish (9 am to 12 pm), Dan Abrams (2 to 3 pm), and Laura Coates (3 to 6 pm).

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