Chris Cuomo Says He Didn’t Say Quote Audio Hears Him Say This Week

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The New York Post published a story this week quoting former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. The outlet cited his comments from a podcast with Anthony Scaramucci on Wednesday.

Chris Cuomo: ‘I was going to kill everybody and myself’ after CNN firing, the headline read.

Cuomo responded in a tweet by calling the headline a “mischaracterization” of his words .He says the above is not a “direct quote.”

In response, we reviewed the audio clip. Listen below:

Transcription: his exact words were as follows: I was going to kill everybody and myself.

For a refresher, below is what The Post printed he said:

I was going to kill everybody and myself.

The New York Post quoted him verbatim. It’s unclear how dumb one must be to accuse an outlet of misquoting them when there’s viral audio that proves otherwise.

But there’s more.

In the same tweet, Cuomo tried to explain journalism to his followers. He claims websites use single quotes as a loophole to misquote a subject. Per him, single quotes signal “characterization,” a tool to deceive readers.

Take a look:

Perhaps Cuomo’s tweet is further proof those who used their journalism connections to fend off women who accused their brother of sexual misconduct should not explain journalism to others.

See, no such single-quote rule exists. Outlets do not use single quotes for “characterization” and double quotes for “direct phrasing.”

Instead, Journalism 101 says to use single when quoting someone in the headline and double in the body of the article. Which is exactly what The Post did this week:

The updated Twitter fact-checker has since attached the universal standard on how to use quotes below Cuomo’s tweet:

Simply put, not a single sentence in Chris Cuomo’s rebuttal to The New York Post is accurate.

Stunning it is he has not deleted the post. We thought someone with an ego as large as his would want to bury such a public self-own.

Tweets like these remind us there was once a debate about the dumbest man at CNN. Don Lemon has certainly cliched the title since Cuomo’s ousting in 2021. But it used to be a tight race between the two former pals.

Chris Cuomo now hosts a program on the upstart cable news network NewsNation, as OutKick first reported he would last summer. There, he told viewers he is no longer a left-wing pundit:

‘I’m not a Democrat. That’s not who I am politically.’

Of course, we are characterizing. Hence the single quotes. Here’s what Chris Cuomo actually told NewsNation viewers upon his arrival in September:

“I’m not a Democrat. That’s not who I am politically. “

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