This Just In: Chris Cuomo Says He’s No Longer Hosting SiriusXM Radio Show

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Chris Cuomo announced Monday that he will no longer host his SiriusXM radio show, Let’s Get After It, on the POTUS channel:

Cuomo had continued to host on Sirius after CNN suspended him last week. ABC News’ Brian Ross filled in for Cuomo on Monday.

Though his wording is hazy, it appears Cuomo is saying that he’s ending his show permanently, not temporarily.

Saturday, CNN fired Chris Cuomo following new details about his efforts to assist his brother, Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of New York.

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Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Translation: I don’t handle criticism well because I am soft, but I am also already a millionaire, so I can just retire and be rich until people forget about me and maybe come back in a few years if I feel like it or blow all my money. Also known as the Brian Williams.

  2. The best part is – they hoisted their own petard. The Affirmative Action La’Quehsa prosecutor (she’s female AND black! –> Overqualified!!) bit the hand that fed her by going after the Luv Guv hard – because she wanted to be Guv all along.

    Pandora’s Box is a cautionary tale worth reading – better late than never Luv Guv. How’s all that Diversity and Equity treating you?

  3. Love how Cuomo said in his statement that he has a thick skin but was concerned how all the allegations would affect his family. Thick skin?!! Ha ha, look how he reacted to the dude on the bicycle who asked him a question during his quarantine and when the other guy called him Fredo. He went nuts.

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