CNN’s Chris Cuomo Addresses Advising Brother, Andrew, on Sexual Harassment Allegations

CNN’s Chris Cuomo opened his primetime show Thursday addressing the report, which CNN confirmed, that he advised his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on how to respond to sexual harassment allegations from several women earlier this year.

CNN’s media writers reported after that “Multiple CNN staffers said they were bothered by Cuomo’s conduct and the violation of traditional journalistic standards.”

Here are my thoughts on the development from earlier today:

This is incredibly damning for CNN. CNN has defended the anchor over and over again, noting that Chris has a ban that prohibits him from covering his brother. Fine, but an exception was made last year when Andrew Cuomo guested on his brother’s show a bevy of times. The New York governor’s popularity then grew, as his TV anchor brother humanized him on TV, an advantage few politicians have. Then once the story went south, sexual harassment allegations began to surface and a deadly nursing home cover-up was exposed, CNN announced they had reinstated the ban.

Bizarrely, Chris Cuomo even opened a show in March to say he wouldn’t cover his brother, but that he is aware of the growing number of sexual harassment allegations leveled against him. The CNN anchor did not disclose that he had been advising his brother on the matter. Instead, he merely said he saw the news.

CNN says Chris Cuomo will not be disciplined.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Who is keeping CNN afloat? To me, the only reason they are worth mentioning is the astonishing fact they are still a viable network…otherwise, they have been irrelevant and boring for years. Everything from them is a “work” (to use a wrestling term) for the Neo-Marxist/Democratic party.

  2. First of all he claims to be a journalist. He is not. He is a opinion commentator and a shitty one at that. Second, it’s interesting that the CNN staffers are are upset with him by advising his brother but don’t care to cover his brother’s killing of the elderly and inappropriate touching and harassing of women.

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