Chinese Titan Lavished Hunter Biden With $80,000 Diamond and $30 Million To Spread Chinese Influence

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A report released Sunday claims that Hunter Biden spread Chinese influence in America for a Chinese energy firm chairman in exchange for a $30 million contract and an $80,000 diamond.

In 2015, a Chinese conglomerate called CEFC tasked its chairman, Ye Jianming, to spend $1.5 billion to make the Czech Republic China’s “Gateway to the European Union.” Undoubtedly, CEFC made the request in accordance with the wishes of Chinese president Xi Jinping. Now, an excerpt from New York Post columnist Miranda Devine’s upcoming book, Laptop from Hell, reveals Ye’s strategy even more precisely.

After securing a role as “special economic adviser” to Czech President Milos Zeman, Ye aggressively sought acquisitions from other worldwide sources that would yield more influence for the Chinese state. That’s when James Gilliar, a 56-year-old British ex-SAS officer, had an idea: the Bidens.

“Gilliar connected with Hunter Biden through trusted Biden family friend Rob Walker, a former Clinton administration official whose wife, Betsy Massey Walker, had been Jill Biden’s assistant when she was second lady,” the book reports.

“Gilliar emailed Walker in February 2015 to praise Hunter’s appearance in Beijing at a board meeting of the fledgling investment fund Hunter had founded with John Kerry’s son, called BHR.”

“Hunter was great,” Gilliar wrote to Walker, “a true sheikh of Washington.”

Gilliar then followed up with Hunter: “It has been made clear to me that CEFC wish to engage in further business relations with our group.”

After a frustrating experience in another Chinese deal as a minority partner in private equity firm BHR, Hunter and his uncle Jim Biden “wanted more control of the CEFC partnership and a regular income stream.”

And that’s when Tony Bobulinski — remember him? — entered the fray. Gilliar recommended that Bobulinski build a world-class investment firm called SinoHawk, named after Hunter’s late brother Beau’s favorite animal.

According to Hunter Biden’s diary (which is apparently a thing), Hunter met with Ye on December 7, 2015, the same week Joe and Jill Biden hosted Christmas parties at the vice president’s residence at the Naval Observatory.

“The plan was to build an investment firm like Goldman Sachs,” The Post said after obtaining transcripts from a WhatsApp message.

“Joe, who had announced that he would not run for president in 2016, would be actively involved once he left office, and the Bidens expected billions of dollars of projects to flow through the company, Gilliar said.”

The WhatsApp transcript also found the following exchange between Bobulinski and Gilliar from February 2017:

“Who is your partner?” asked Bobulinski.

“Hunter Biden,” Gilliar replied.

Apparently, Hunter, Gilliar, and Walker had flown to Miami in 2017 to meet Chairman Ye, who was in Miami for a boat show. There, Ye lavished Hunter with a 3-carat gem offer of $30 million.

The gift suggests that Hunter accepted bribes to make introductions in Washington on behalf of an energy consortium linked to China. While Hunter later claimed the meeting with Ye was for a charitable purpose, documents indicate that nine days after the meeting took place, State Energy H.K. Limited, the Shanghai-based company linked to CEFC, wired $3 million in funds into accounts owned by Rob Walker.

As the relationship progressed, Hunter told Bobulinski it was time for the next step. “I want Dad to meet you,” Hunter said.

Devine reports in a subsequent excerpt that Joe Biden was involved in the deal with CEFC and that he expected a 10% cut from it:

“Less than two weeks after meeting Joe Biden, Bobulinski incorporated SinoHawk Holdings LLC on May 15, 2017, having decided against Hunter’s suggestion they call it CEFC America. It would be a global investment firm seeded with $10 million of Chinese money that would buy projects in the U.S. and around the world “in global and/or domestic infrastructure, energy, financial services and other strategic sectors,” said the contract he had drawn up. 

“SinoHawk would be 50 percent owned by Ye Jianming, chairman of CEFC, through a Delaware-incorporated CEFC entity, Hudson West IV LLC. The other 50 percent would be owned by Oneida Holdings LLC, another Delaware firm set up by Bobulinski.”

There’s a lot going on here, so if you’re confused, you’re not alone. The confusion is the entire point. Corrupt politicians like Joe Biden deliberately launder the corruption through several people to create more distance between themselves and the money they receive. You’re supposed to become so mired in the minutia that you stop caring about the story. Don’t let that happen.

Because, as confusing as it all is and as deplorable (to use a word) as Hunter’s “business” dealings are, they are a mere subplot to this entire story. Even Joe Biden’s corrupt business dealings may not be the most significant element at play here.

The biggest scandal in this most scandalous of geo-political scandals is the fact that the media wouldn’t cover it. Not only did Big Tech suppress the Post‘s initial report, but media outlets then refused to inquire further about the story before the 2020 election, despite the fact that it likely would have swayed millions of votes across the country.

The omission was deliberate. Forget Russian interference in 2016. The media, by nearly every account, interfered in the 2020 election by suppressing and overinflating bombshells along party lines.

Imagine if the media had covered Hunter’s laptop story with the coverage it warranted. That’s the story. The story that wasn’t.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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    Every now and again it flutters into my brain how 3rd world & dystopian it is the Biden sells fake painting for 500,000$ to undisclosed buyers. I thought that thing happened in other countries —> but then again the past 5-6 years have taught me many things ….

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