Chiefs Win Fifth-Straight AFC West Title After Beating Dolphins 33-27

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After defeating the Miami Dolphins 33-27 in a thriller, the Kansas City Chiefs are AFC West champions for a fifth straight time and their 13th division title in team history. Patrick Mahomes was his usual unfairly talented self today as he threw for a casual 393 yards. He did throw three picks, but after his year of a Super Bowl MVP and buy-in to be part owner of the Kansas City Royals, we’ll let his slow day slide.

We’re getting to the point where the Chiefs are becoming a dynasty. Fans mostly consider dynasties winning Super Bowls, but these past five years have been overwhelming. NFL defenses have had no success corralling the unique plays Andy Reid puts together every Sunday, and even if they do, Mahomes makes sure it doesn’t matter. Patrick Mahomes is the best player in the NFL and even though others have been great–they’re not close.

Even more deflating to witness how the Chiefs decided to cap off their division title. Answering a double-digit deficit with 30 unanswered points is exactly what we’ve come to expect. If Kansas City and their Madden offense fails to blow their opponent out the water early, they’ll just win late. They know they’re better and so do their foes. No matter how well you play the Chiefs, they believe in number 15 to lead them to victory.

It’s not fair

Helps that KC rolls out the best quarterback in the game with the reinforcement of the game’s most prolific tight-end in Travis Kelce. The next time a TV host gets the bright idea to predict a Chiefs fall-off, remember that it’s only for ratings. The Chiefs are more than just for real. A better question would be how much further into greatness will they go?

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

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