Steelers WR Diontae Johnson Hints To Mike Tomlin After Netflix Shows How Andy Reid Allows Chiefs To Make Up New Plays

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Andy Reid is one of the best offensive minds in NFL history. The 65-year-old of the Kansas City Chiefs has two Super Bowl rings as a head coach and one as an assistant.

Having played at BYU from 1978 to 1980, Reid was able to understand the game on a deeper level by playing for LaVell Edwards. The Cougars’ pass-heavy offense helped to change the game.

If Hal Mumme and Mike Leach are considered the revolutionaries of the uptempo, ‘Air Raid’ offense so prevalent in today’s game, LaVell Edwards is a founding father and deserves a place at the table alongside passing-game innovators Sid Gillman, Don Coryell and Bill Walsh. The numbers of Edwards’ top performing quarterbacks speak for themselves:

  • Marc Wilson (29 touchdowns for an 11-1 team in 1979)
  • Jim McMahon (47 touchdowns and 4,571 yards in 1980; 30 touchdowns and 3,555 yards in 1981)
  • Steve Young (33 touchdowns, 3,902 yards in 1983)
  • Robbie Bosco (33 touchdowns, 3875 yards in 1984; 30 touchdowns, 4,273 yards in 1985)
  • Ty Detmer (121 career touchdowns with 15,031 yards) — won the 1990 Heisman Trophy

All of this goes to say that Reid first learned from one of the all-time greats.

Andy Reid is an offensive genius.

Although Reid has a playbook full of unique, intricate variations of different plays that all work off of each other.

Everything that he does is for a reason.

Reid also likes to keep defenses on their toes with some trickery.

Patrick Mahomes recently sang his head coach’s praises and noted that his approach to the sport would be completely different without him.

He’s the best coach, obviously, one of the best coaches of all time, but he’s just one of the best people of all time. He’s learned how to get the most out of me every day. He doesn’t let me be satisfied with where I’m at. He teaches me a ton.

Not only the quarterback position, but how to be a leader and how to be a great dad and how to be a great husband. He lets me be who I am every single day. I think if I’d have went to some other places, I would’ve had to learn how to play the quarterback position a different way, and he just lets me play the quarterback position the way that I want to play it. I think that’s what’s made me such a different type of quarterback in this league.”

— Patrick Mahomes on Andy Reid, via AP Pro Football Podcast with Rob Maaddi

As much as Mahomes and his teammates have learned from Reid, Reid wants to learn from his players.

Chiefs players design plays that are used in games.

‘Quarterback,’ the new Netflix series, offers a glimpse into how things work in Kansas City. Players, typically including Mahomes, spend time making up plays on Wednesdays.

They have to be perfect, ’cause when Coach Reid sees them, he has to like them.

— Patrick Mahomes

Not only does Reid give his guys the freedom to come up with their own offense, he uses their ideas. The Chiefs often take what they designed during the work and turn it around on Sunday. Pretty cool!

Diontae Johnson, a fifth-year wide receiver for the Steelers, likes what Reid is doing. He responded to the Netflix video with a trio of 🔥 emojis.

Is Johnson taking a shot at Mike Tomlin and Pittsburgh’s way of doing things? Perhaps, but likely not.

More so, Johnson appears to appreciate the culture in Kansas City and wishes he could get in on the action to draw up some plays of his own. He’ll become a free agent in 2015— maybe the idea of designing his own offense will lead Johnson to the Chiefs?

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