Chiefs Tackle Eric Fisher Explains ‘Butt-Chewing’ From Patrick Mahomes

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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was sacked four times in last week’s hard-fought win over the New Orleans Saints. Mahomes doesn’t liked being sacked four times.

Still, Chiefs left tackle Eric Fisher said not to make too much of the sideline talking-to he received from Mahomes during the Saints game. The star QB was merely trying to motivate his linemen.

“I think we have such an awesome group where I think we have a lot of leaders on the field at the same time, and we’re all just motivating each other,” Fisher told reporters. “But obviously we talked about it in the locker room.

“You can look back on the season, and you’re going to have that one game that was your best game. You’re going to have one game that was not your best game, and everybody’s going to have a game or a play or a series. And I think we all just support each other and motivate each other when we see a guy struggling. We all jump in to encourage, and we just keep on rolling, man.

“It’s a game that there’s a lot of adversity throughout and we just never panic. We stick together, and we do what we’ve trained to do. And we’re enjoying it, having fun with it and on to the next one, right?”

Fisher makes a good point. The Chiefs are 13-1 and look like a well-oiled machine in their quest to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid offered further explanation of Mahomes’ conversation with Fisher — and also revealed that Fisher had a hamstring issue that may have played a role in keeping the Saints’ defense at bay.

“Yeah so Fish, he missed a couple practices this week. So he kind of pushed himself through with his back, and, you know, his hamstring tightened up,” Reid said during his Monday press conference. “He had these things happen during the game. He didn’t say anything. He kind of just rolls with it, and then after the game, you find this out. So I think those things were affecting him a little bit.

“He had a couple good pass rushers on him, and they got him a couple times. And so you know Pat – listen, he lets you know — his encouragement and butt chewing all at once. So, linemen are used to that. They can take it. They were wearing big boy pants, so they can handle it. And that’s also part of the leadership part of it, and Fish is good about it. He just kept bearing down. He didn’t complain. He just keeps rolling. That’s what he does, and so very dependable that way on being there.”

This is about as much drama about the Chiefs locker room as you’re ever going to hear. And that says a lot, because that’s hardly any drama at all. The championship QB was just leading his team.

The Chiefs face the Atlanta Falcons in Kansas City this weekend before wrapping up the regular season at home against the Los Angeles Chargers.

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