Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes And Fiancée Brittany Announce Wedding Date

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Be on the lookout for your invitation to what could be the wedding of the year – as Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and fiancée Brittany Matthews are set to tie the knot.

Mahomes’ fiancée went on Instagram Monday to announce they have picked both a date and location for their upcoming marriage. For now, both the date and location are being kept hush-hush.

The two 25-year-olds welcomed their first child, daughter Sterling to the world on February 20th.

Don’t expect to see a ton of photos of Sterling anytime soon though. Unlike many celebrity couples, the pair have already stated they are going to hold back on sharing a ton of photos of the baby.

“We will share photos of her when we [feel] the time is right,” Brittany wrote on her Instagram Story on February 24th.

“I know the Internet will instantly take the photos of her and share everywhere so just preparing myself for my newborn baby girl to be shared to the world! Right now we are just soaking in every minute with her.”

Though they have not posted a lot of pics of their little one, that doesn’t mean wedding pics are off limits. So if you don’t get an official invite to the wedding, you can always grab a camera and become part of the paparazzi – that is if you can find out where and when the wedding is.

Written by Matt Loede

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  1. Don’t do it Patrick M 🙂😇

    i once argued with a law professor about deducting law school tuition on my taxes. dude was the top prosecutor for IRS cases at the DOJ. we argued for a few minutes and he kinda caved and said, ‘then do it and be prepared to make your case’? he wasn’t trying to intimidate, but this brings up a valid point about Mahomes $450 million contract.

    Could new wife make a claim to Mahomes new fortune, even before its actually paid out to M? Is the guarantee in the contract, marital in nature?

    Mahomes is an unusual athlete and may very well meet expectations, but i wonder of a prenup can be done for an already signed 10 year extension.

    • He probably should have thought of that before having an out of wedlock kid with her. He’s invested child support at minimum now. It’s better for the child for them to marry.

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