Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Handles Miss Kansas USA First Pitch Duties

Gracie Hunt, who will one day inherit a huge chunk of the Kansas City Chiefs, was at Kauffman Stadium Wednesday to handle first pitch duties as part of her role as Miss Kansas USA 2021 and for some wild reason, she threw the pitch while wearing a ‘VID mask. Normally, I’d roll into one of these Miss USA first pitch posts and have to freestyle my way to 300 words so the Google Algorithm® would be satisfied, but this time we have to address this whole mask thing during the pitch.

Gracie’s out there just inside 60 feet six inches showing off the rifle, and the only person even close to her is the photographer who captured the heiress showing that she hasn’t been skipping leg day. I’m having trouble figuring out whether it’s some stupid MLB rule where first pitch participants must mask up or if it’s a Royals rule. MLB is the clear favorite here because we know that organization is run by morons.

Ian Rapoport recently threw out a first pitch while wearing a mask which was caught by his wife, who was also wearing a mask. Then they hugged…while masked. TV reporters have said they’re required to wear masks on the field even if they’ve been vaccinated.

“Pitches be crazy!⚾️😝 But seriously, life will sometimes throw you a curve and you just swing for the fences. Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing. Such an honor to get to throw out the first pitch for the @KCRoyals. I love the Royals motto: Wear the crown. Be the crown. You are the crown. 👑,” your Miss Kansas USA wrote on Instagram.

As for the pitch, it would appear she hit 95 — at least — on the first pitch gun with that form even off the flat surface.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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