Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Gets Her Ring, JJ Watt’s Been Lifting & Vin Scully Will Drop Your Blood Pressure

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FBS gets rolling tonight, but you’ll need CBSSN to see it

South Alabama at Southern Miss kicks off at 9 ET on CBSSN, but you have ESPN+ so make sure you sit down at 8 ET for Central Arkansas at UAB. Remember, UCA is playing for a 2-0 record and a chance to rack up some AP poll votes.

UCA was tested Sunday after its game against Austin Peay and had zero COVID positive results. Then, Wednesday UCA was tested again and another round of zero cases. That’s right, UCA is heading into its second game and hasn’t had a COVID problem. Hope you’re following along, Kevin Warren and Big Ten presidents.

The Mohamed Sanu era is over in New England. The Patriots plan to release the wide receiver who cost Bill a second-rounder. This probably won’t affect your fantasy draft board unless you’re in some wild 16-team league.

Look at that…a morning of football news. This feels good.

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  1. Joe, 20 years from now I am going to credit you with getting me to take up golf. I can’t hold up much longer to your constant barrage.

    I had to laugh when I saw that digital man come off the sideline. Madden stole that idea from Mike Tomlin.

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