Chiefs Fans Smart To Boo, Texans And Dolphins Smart To Disavow ‘Empty’ BLM Gestures

The booing you heard at Arrowhead Stadium Thursday night isn’t hard to understand. 

Black Lives Matter is toxic and divisive.

Some of the 17,000 Kansas City Chiefs fans allowed to attend the NFL’s season-opening Texans-Chiefs clash booed during the pregame moment of unity because the “moment” was umbrellaed by the Black Lives Matter slogan scrolled across the jumbotrons.

Mystery solved. Chiefs fans aren’t stupid. They’re informed, passionate and fearless. They love Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. But they love their country more than the foolish players who have swallowed Black Lives Matter’s ideology, propaganda and vision for America.

Social media and the athletes addicted to Twitter and Instagram define BLM as a long-overdue fight for racial equality. Many Americans see BLM for exactly what it is — a clever disguise for Marxists and anarchists who seek to destroy American freedoms — and those citizens are growing more comfortable expressing their disdain for the BLM movement. 

The booing you heard rejected BLM, not unity.  The booing you heard rejected the rioting, looting, violence and in-your-face harassment associated with the BLM movement. 

Oh, that’s right. BLM protests have been “mostly peaceful.” Studies have shown that 93 percent of BLM protests have been peaceful. You know what? Most of the time in the 1950s and 1960s segregationists did not respond with loosed water hoses, batons and dogs at civil rights protests. 

Bull Connor, the racists Commissioner of Public Safety for the city of Birmingham in the 1960s, was “mostly peaceful.” Members of the Ku Klux Klan didn’t lynch, beat and harass the overwhelming majority of black men and women they encountered. The KKK was “mostly peaceful.” Studies revealed 95 percent of Klan rallies are peaceful. 

You follow my sarcastic point? We’ve seen enough violence, looting and abuse at BLM protests to conclude Black Lives Matter isn’t peaceful or unifying. 

It’s not difficult to understand why the so-called “moment of unity” triggered Chiefs fans. Unifying under the BLM umbrella is the equivalent of unifying at a Klan rally. No dice. No way. There are far better umbrellas.

We can start with sports.  Sports, football in particular, have been a moment of American unity for nearly a hundred years. Jesse Owens sparked a moment at the 1936 Berlin Olympics when he slayed Hitler’s Aryan superiority myth. Joe Louis ignited a moment when he knocked out German heavyweight Max Schmeling. Jackie Robinson birthed an entire movement when he integrated Major League Baseball.

With their performance and excellence, Jesse, Joe and Jackie harnessed the power of sports to promote unity and equality. Jim Brown, Bill Russell, Muhammad Ali and Arthur Ashe stood on the shoulders of Jesse, Joe and Jackie and carried sports’ unification power to the next level. 

Sports don’t need Black Lives Matter to promote unity or equality. Football sure as hell doesn’t. Football players and football fans have been putting their differences aside and coming together to cheer, jeer and support Walter Payton, Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Lawrence Taylor, Peyton Manning and Deion Sanders for decades. America’s pastime embraced and celebrated a workforce that’s 70 percent black a long time ago.

BLM wishes it could match the NFL’s ability to unify and bolster equality. 

BLM is toxic, divisive and highly political. BLM undermines unity.

The social justice warriors in the media chasing the right side of history need to redirect and chase the right side of truth. Quit lying to yourself and quit lying to athletes. The American public has deduced the lie. 

BLM inspires racism, ideological polarization and hostility toward Christian values and American patriotism. 

I’m more concerned about the people inside Arrowhead Stadium who didn’t boo. They’re the people afraid to tell athletes you can’t end racism with racism. 

Hell, the athletes are smarter than the pandering media members feigning outrage. The Chiefs and the Texans downplayed the booing. The Texans stayed in their locker room during the playing of two separate national anthems. The Miami Dolphins released a video explaining they’re tired of the gestures and slogans and that they’re going to skip participating in Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing and the Star-Spangled Banner.

“This attempt to unify only creates more divide,” the Dolphins said in a video that included head coach Brian Flores. “So we’ll skip this song and dance, and as a team we’ll stay inside. We need changed hearts, not just a response to pressure. Enough, no more fluff and empty gestures.”

Boom. The players are waking up. I was extremely proud of the Chiefs players for standing during the national anthem. The kneeling is divisive and pointless. You can’t troll your way to unity. 

The NFL’s opening night was a surprising success. Race-baiters in the media want you to think a few boo-birds ruined everything and overshadowed a solid night of football. 

No, sir. Last night was a ray of hope for those of us who truly seek unity. Athletes and fans are taking different routes to reach the same conclusion. 

Black Lives Matter is toxic and divisive.  Football isn’t. 

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. I did not experience the same optimism that you and Clay did. I see the players and the NFL continuing to turn a deaf ear to their fans. I skipped the opening of the game. Was there a moment of silence for 9/11 to honor fallen US citizens, police and firefighters?

    • Bingo. And the Dolphins video was the most ridiculous shit i have ever seen. Flores is from fucking brownsville. Sad. He’s the definition of black success in America. One of three african american coaches in league. Think mike tyson, same neighborhood, would record a video of himself reading some bird poem labout “police brutality” to boxing fans? Read Kinsey’s article. Rare L for the greatest media personality/journalist on planet. Agree to disagree whitty.

    • Good question. I thought about the absurdity of having a moment of silence glorifying Antifa-BLM agenda, the day before the anniversary of the worst attack on US sovereignty we’ve ever had. If they ignored 9-11 then they’re even more gross than I thought.

  2. Amen, Jason. Another strong column.

    I have been a Chiefs fan, through thick and thin, ever since they moved up to KC from Dallas in 1962. I love this current team, but my biggest fear is that Patrick Mahomes might go “full LaBron” on the BLM/SJW thing. So far at least, he has shown a heck of a lot more savvy and self-awareness than the knuckleheads charged with leading the NFL.

    I made it okay through the first half, but the halftime programming drove me to changing the channel and watching a movie.

    • You can relax, Mahomes is 10x the man Lebron ever will be. Patrick was raised by outstanding parents and is a very smart young man capable of thinking for himself.

  3. One article at a time. One day at a time. Thank you for standing up for the truth, which is who we truly are is not what we see, but is what is in our heart. Faith in a loving God is our only hope now, or we fall into utter ruin. God bless you, brother.

  4. Funny you mention the mainstream media and the “peaceful protests”. A few days back I visited NPR, a site I used to respect, and sure enough their lead article was “Overwhelming majority of arrests in Portland are minor misdemeanors”. And more telling was the photo they ran with it, a line of heavily armed, riot gear police, and one single, solitary college aged white protestor kneeling in front of them with his hands up. This was obviously meant to imply that the brutal police are victimizing these peaceful protestors, and you could just see every dopey white liberal in America seeing that picture and thinking to themselves “That could be my son or daughter being terrorized by the police!”. Mission accomplished NPR, but too bad for you only a small portion of America is foolish enough to believe your bullshit.

    As for the NFL, great to hear KC is leading the way in not being sheep to the BLM movement. I am still not yet ready to watch the NFL, but as they seem to be gradually figuring out how to NOT insult their customers, I will eventually make it back.

    • Robert, I agree with you about NPR. In the past, even though I tended to have different opinions than them, I respected their honesty. No more. It is actually amazing to me how willingly they have completely thrown away their credibility…………I would say that they are like the proverbial boy who cried wolf, except I’m pretty sure that the “boy” didn’t cry wolf 24/7 everyday to the point of giving everyone a migraine. (and the sad thing is, we all know “wolves” exist, but the liberal media has so completely lost their minds that we can’t believe a word they say)

      • I knew it was over for NPR a couple months ago when they ran a story that was literally headlined “white nationalist are targeting peaceful protestors in hit and run murders, and protestors are having debilitating anxiety over it.”

        And the picture they showed was some poor white lady driving a volkswagen Jetta, while protestors surrounded her car in the middle of the road. It was almost comical, so blatantly false that a child could spot the failure in logic.

  5. Jason,
    I was disheartened to see Deshaun Watson sporting the BLM logo on his helmet. He is a man of strong faith and family, yet he displays the logo of an organization that hates those very things. DW is the opposite of what BLM stands for!

    I get it, people are going to SJW. I guess I thought DW could have been one of those people to elevate the discussion not blindly run to the least common denominator.

  6. the unity stance is another empty gesture. If these Social Justice Warriors were serious, they would fly to Chicago, march down to the South Side, and convince the gangbangers to stop shooting innocent kids. But they won’t because they would actually require some effort.

  7. Jason your awesome thank you another great piece but i am a bit surprised at some of the Outkick staff saying a great start for the season i didn’t watch picked out some youtube clips and man it was so awful. Such disrespect two anthems staying in locker rooms one dude kneeling i think the NFL has lost its way i know i wont be coming back anytime soon.

  8. I get it Whit, you guys can’t just cut out sports because, well, that’s part of the theme of this website. However, stop acting like what went on last night wasn’t a slap in the face to the good people not buying into the BLM and leftist narrative of America. The fact the Chiefs felt they needed to link arms rather than just stand in silence? Come on, that’s just more “look at me” antics, and don’t even get me started on the “moment of unity” crap, which come to find out was complete with a blimp flying over saying “Black Lives Matter”. Hell my black friends are sick of that crap. The NFL is still playing racial divisions and backing leftist mentality and your article trying to convince otherwise is almost as insulting as them doing it in the first place.

  9. JW – On Point. On Target. Per usual.

    ME – Rockies Season Ticket holder since
    Inaugural Season. Done – gone.
    Lifelong Broncos fan. Done – gone.
    Hate the NBA. Done – gone.

    Way more free time now.
    Much appreciated SJW Losers !!

  10. Thank you, Jason for your continued, informed opinions on the BLM movement. Please keep providing insight into how other NFL teams are approaching this un-American and divisive group. I am a Cleveland Browns fan and am a bit envious that the Dolphins have taken the lead…

  11. I started the evening by joining the YouTube live stream with Clay and Jason. After a few minutes I made the decision to watch the pre-game figuring it wouldn’t be long before I turned it off. It was interesting to watch what unfolded while Clay and Jason gave their opinions. The best part was seeing the relief (and joy) on Jason’s face when the Chiefs stood for the National Anthem. It would have been better to see the Texans stand as well. but I understand the team couldn’t come to an agreement. The time of unity with both teams at mid field had the opportunity for a positive message, but they screwed it up by showing the lines including Black Lives Matter on the jumbotron. There was no surprise hearing boos at that moment. I watched the game through the first quarter just to watch Clay, Jason, and Clay’s son interact while talking about play by play. That was the best part of the evening for me. As much as I love football it was the first time I could remember (during an important game) that I turned it off without thinking twice.
    What is much more important than football is what today means.19 years today America was attacked and nearly 3,000 precious lives were lost. Seeing the twin towers fall and the first responders running into harms way will be etched in our minds forever. Who knows how many lives were saved by the courageous passengers on hijacked Flight 93. That plane was allegedly headed to the Capital Building in DC. We should never forget that day and the unity of our nation which followed. Fly your flags high today.

  12. Two observations.
    1. We can now be assured that every left leaning city that hosts an NFL team will be slow to allow fans to attend in person. They will do all they can to prevent real people(the fans) from showing up their blessed BLM worship service. They’ll find every way possible to keep crowds away now.
    2. If media could just shut up long enough to let us watch the football game, the game itself promotes unity by its essence. Football is mock war, where diverse teams battle on a field to defeat one another, but in the end get to shake hands, walk off the field alive, together, equal, free men. If we could just enjoy the game, the game itself promotes a free and unified ideal on its own merits.

  13. BLM founders a lesbian a transgender a Nigerian refugee diabolically using police brutality of black men is a red herring. They are using the great history and sacrifice of my ancestors to promote homosexuality and rid of America of its religious heritage to make homosexuality normal. Many rich globalist, media, Hollywood are of this persuasion and that way of life. BLM partners with what it wants to get rid of. It wants to get rid of the nuclear family it wants to get rid of the Bible it wants outward open gays in sports like football and basketball to promote the homosexual life style these sports are majority black males who are the largest group against homosexuality being in the locker rooms. They use our race as if it’s the same as gender and through cancel culture bullies you from speaking out against there sinister plan. BLM is not about race or police brutality it’s about homosexuality using black people that’s demonic and hatred.

    • Agreed, love reading anything JW writes. I disagree with him on this but his writing is thought provoking. I guess my attitude is that ANY of this BLM/social justice stuff at a football game is too much. Expecting it to be worse(not sure what else they could have done) doesn’t make what happened acceptable.

  14. I heard a promo on the radio from that gasbag Colin Cowshit about how everyone was supporting the NBA and we “boycotters” had no place to hide.
    NewsFlash Cowshit: Americans don’t hide. We support or not what we choose and pressure from the ‘”cool kids” in sports media be damned, especially coming from a dipshit like Colin who was most likely in the band or student newspaper in HS.
    Sniff jocks on your own and include me, and a lot of other fans, out.

    • I’ve heard this promo a few times as well, typically in the morning when listening to Clay on my way to work. And the more I hear it, the more it rubs me the wrong way.
      I don’t always agree with Colin, but he often has good facts/stats to back up his points, which I can respect. More times than not, I enjoy his show. But that clip came off as dismissive and condescending to fans who don’t jump in blindly and support the PTO day the NBA players took. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t a boycott. They came right back to work when they realized they wouldn’t get paid. It was a “look at me” moment. Whether Colin agrees with it or not, the fans have a voice too. And more importantly, eyeballs and disposable income. There’s a lot of competition for those two things. I think it’s dangerous to say “who needs you anyway” and push away potential customers because they don’t agree with a hashtag on twitter.

      • Yeah, he sounds like a snot nosed know it all, actually in character, who doesn’t have a clue what is going on outside his west coast media bubble.
        Stay in LA and walk on turds for all I care, but for the love of God, just STFU once in a while.

  15. Great article as always.

    Regarding the Dolphins video; While there are a few things I don’t agree with, I was happy to hear athletes at least talking about things like education in underserved communities. This is a huge issue. Whether I agree with their stance or not, I was happy to see the Dolphins make the point that empty gestures made on a football field will not result in changes they are seeking. Those measures are divisive and serve no purpose. This is a message I can stand behind and opens dialogue for me to listen and start a productive conversation regarding how we tackle these issues and work together to bring about change. I have a whole new perspective. I’m more hopeful.

  16. Jason excellent work as usual! To you and all the Outkick crew check out Netlix The Social Dilema. Is a fascinating documentary about all of us being manipulated by Social media! I think it goes well with your view point of SJW and BLM manipulation!

  17. My wife and I had a blast watching the livestream with the game muted in the background. Had the livestream not happened, I would not have tuned in. It felt like I had a safety blanket while dipping my toes into what I expected to be a shit show.

    Jason and clay made the debut palatable. In fact, they should do a livestream for the first half of all week one games! NBC did a good job all things considered. Leary of Fox and ESPN though.

    Funniest livestream moment was seeing a small hand offscreen trying to grab a plate of BBQ!

    Thanks guys for making the first half entertaining!

    • I was just telling my best football work buddy my strategy is football on the man-cave garage TV, my Son on the TV next to it playing X-Box, and a hot Grateful Dead or WSP concert playing loudly in lieu of any nonsense audio coming from the TV.

  18. It was a good article. I think the intense pressure needs to be kept on the BLM’ers, though. The tide is definitely turning, and sanity is starting to win. Let’s not have a repeat of the Patriots-Falcons Superbowl and let BLM come roaring back. Finish the job!

  19. Jason,

    I agree with every word of your article, except one sentence.

    Personally, I’d love to be watching the NFL right now, but I can’t reward this behavior. I really want to like and respect these guys, but I can’t right now. I believe Scripture says that if your brother sins you should rebuke him, and if he repents his sin you should forgive him. I’m more than willing to forgive, I did it after the 2017 season. But now we’re still in the rebuking phase.

    About that one sentence I disagree with. The BLM disguise is about as clever as Wile E. Coyote dressing up as the Road Runner.

  20. Pretty sure the Texans and the Dolphins are as WOKE as the rest of the dumb-ass millionaires who cry crocodile tears about oppression.
    Oppression is living from paycheck to paycheck…a blown tire from catastrophe…one month’s rent from eviction…a child’s illness away from bankruptcy. That’s fukkin oppression.
    Generational wealth…and you’re still whiny-ass bitches?

  21. Jason hit on many good points. Though I’m still disgusted by the hypocrisy of the NFL allowing BLM themed messages on helmets, when several years ago they banned the Cowboys from commemorating the death of 5 Dallas police officers. The Jumbotron lecturing during the “unity” stand, having George Floyd (who once held a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman) appearing on the shirt of the National Anthem singer, and totally ignoring the 9/11 anniversary left a sour taste in my mouth.

    Yes…it wasn’t as bad as it COULD have been, a la the NBA. A bit like walking out of your bosses office relieved your salary is ONLY being cut 15%, when you thought you were going to be canned.

  22. There is more to story I was there! Crowd booed Texans entry ,virtually silent for Unity saw the hoopla about us booing during unity minute was totally confused?
    Found clip of the minute heard the crowd loudly booing in middle of the Unity handholding!
    This DID NOT happen ,production team must have dubbed the booing from Texans entry after thehid in the locker room for National Anthem and broadcast it in middle of the Unity Minute about 2 minutes later! Total hoax ! I am a long time Whitlock fan and Longtime Chiefs STH this is a shameless hit job on KC and Chiefs fans. We booed the Texans entry but not Unity!

  23. Not buying it. The NFL will wake up when the revenues take a hit. Being a bunch of ignorant, pandering a-holes will come with a price. Case in point – viewership was down YOY by almost 13%. And that’s with people being crushed by COVID lockdown measures for months and craving action and normalcy of any kind. Goodell got on his knees for BLM. Now its time swallow.

    • Could not disagree more. His voice would be a chirp in the swamp. He has growing influence right where he is, doing what he is doing with articles in publications like “Imprimis” and other venues where he is invited to speak. We can only pray he has the fortitude to resist the alligators and snakes in the sports world.

  24. Jason I normally agree with you but feel you and Clay are being overly optimistic and trying to find reasons to justify watching your teams. I know it hurts with NO FOOTBALL. Living in Los Angeles I rarely get to watch the Chicago Bears from the comforts of home. Last Sunday morning I convinced myself all the pregame ceremonies supporting BLM were due to network pressures to be socially accepted and politically correct, so it gave me justification to watch the Bears. The minute the National Anthem started and several Bear players dropped to their knee I turned it off and watched the Woman’s ANA Golf Tournament in nearby Mission Hills. Reading other outkick articles about how various NFL teams displayed support of BLM and disrespected our flag in various ways I am completely done with the NFL until their support of BLM and kneeling comes to an end!

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