Chick-fil-A Manager Saves Hour-Long COVID Vaccine Drive-Thru

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Contrary to the popular belief online, there are still good people in America.

Recently, Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie was forced to make a call when a computer system failure at a South Carolina drive-thru coronavirus vaccine clinic left hundreds of people in line for hours. Haynie put his phone into action and called local good guy/hero, Jerry Walkowiak, the manager of a nearby Chick-fil-A.

Walkowiak responded to the Bat-Signal by opening up his drive-thru for vaccine shots. Here is Walkowiak in action:

That is what you call a boss, and not a manager-type boss, which Walkowiak is also.

After a few additional volunteers joined in to help Walkowiak, the average wait time reduced from hours to just 15 minutes. Over 1,000 people received the vaccine that day and will return for their second doses on February 12. And, yes, the great Walkowiak will be back managing the drive-thru. So, it should be smooth sailing.

“At Chick-fil-A, we’re about being the most caring company in the world, and when Mayor Haynie asked us to come over, we took a look at what was their drive-thru system,” Walkowiak says.

“Jerry got a phone call and dropped everything because he knows getting this vaccine out is a game-changer,” Haynie responded. “This is what the light at the end of the long Covid tunnel looks like.”

Awesome to see a guy help so many get vaccinated. Thank him and go buy a spicy chicken sandwich.

Written by Bobby Burack

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