Chicago Teachers Union Votes To Refuse To Show Up To Work

The Chicago Teachers Union, which includes one union leader who has bragged about being a “socialist” who has led four strikes and said teachers shouldn’t be returning to classrooms while she was on vacation in Puerto Rico, has voted to refuse to show up to work on Monday, according to reports out of the city.

Chicago Sun-Times reporter Nader Issa tweeted Sunday afternoon that members voted to defy a reopening plan with 71% of the membership voting in favor of defying the school district. Issa further reports Chicago Public Schools “have agreed to a request from CTU leadership to push back the return of K-8 teachers and staff to Wednesday, January 27…to ensure we have the time needed to resolve our discussions without risking disruption to student learning.”

The teachers union has since fired back on Issa, tweeting “this is unequivocally false. CPS unilaterally made the decision to move the return date for K-8 teachers back to Wednesday, January 27, 2021. We currently have no agreement with the district on any terms.”

What does it all mean? Students aren’t going back to classrooms and teachers aren’t agreeing to return to any classrooms this Wednesday.

In its statement after the vote was taken, the Chicago Teachers Union says this “fight” with the school district is “winnable” if membership stays united.

“Remember, we are not negotiating class size, benefits or staffing; we are bargaining for minimal risk of COVID-19 infection, and minimal risk of death,” CTU stated.

“We will continue to work remote so we can keep ourselves, our families and our school communities safe. If we are locked out by the mayor and CPS, then the choice to strike is theirs, not ours.

“Remember, our fight is about a pandemic and making assurances for safety, and you have voted overwhelmingly in support of safety. There’s no doubt we all want to return to in-person instruction. The issue is CPS’ current unpreparedness for a return to in-person instruction, and the clear and present danger that poses to the health of our families and school communities.”

After a flurry of tweets between both sides, the school district’s latest update that K-8 will return to classrooms Monday, February 1. “It’s our goal to reach an agreement with CTU as soon as possible to ensure tens of thousands of additional students have the opportunity to safely return to our classrooms,” CPS tweeted.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. So many teachers are useless. This is not about the pandemic. Many of us read that other story about the union leader who took a vacation to Puerto Rico. Union leaders think it’s safe to get on a crowded plane and take a vacation but not safe to return to the classroom? Give me a break. What a joke these white liberals are. And then these very same white liberals who are destroying schools attended by minorities will scream that minorities are not given a fair chance in our “racist country”. When are white liberals going to figure out that they themselves are the problem. (I know that some white liberals are grifters and/or sociopaths, and they do realize exactly what they are doing. But there are also a good amount of white liberals who are completely delusional)

    • Very good points. I completely agree with you! I live in suburb, 20 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. And the schools have been closed since last March. It has been a total disaster for my nephew and so many other kids here in this area. Yes, you are right on. Either they return to the classrooms to do in person teacher, or they are fired, and they all have to re-apply for their jobs.

      Back in 2015, I voted in support of a local bond measure out here in my suburb because I wanted kids to have proper building infrastructure and technology for learning. Multiple new grade schools were built, 2 high schools were completely rebuilt and another high school was modernized and expanded. And now all those buildings have been sitting empty since last March. It’s a total disgrace.

  2. It’s all about contracts. If the members of the teachers’ union are not meeting the elements of their contract, then parents should demand that the elected school board and district compensate the teachers accordingly. This probably won’t happen. You get what you vote for.

  3. Since the Democrats are the party of science maybe they should point out all the medical and statistical data to the teachers about rates of transmission from children to adults, then tell them to STFU and get back to work.

    I am so sick of seeing all these commercial lauding teachers as heroes while young kids are are staying home failing behind in social and academic growth.

    If a grocery store clerk can work everyday facing the general public K-8 teachers should have been the first ones back to work.

  4. Eric, add New Jersey to shit states. Off topic but my 68 year old wife who has stage 4 colon cancer, undergoing chemo every two weeks and can’t get scheduled for a COVID vaccine but I have friends who are in perfect health already vaccinated. Fucking Democrat government.

  5. Oh and here I thought Dems actually cared about our inner city youth. I mean racism and all. Root out white supremacy so that minorities get better opportunities. Meh those are just campaign slogans.

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