Chelsea’s ‘Hottest Fan’ Maria Liman Claims Security Told Her To Cover Her Boobs At Match

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I’m not sure I’m buying this claim by a Russian Playboy model.

Chelsea fan Maria Liman, who has popped up from time to time in the European tabloids for dumping out her cleavage at soccer matches, is back in the news after what she says was a run-in with security over her attire at a recent match.

Liman took to Instagram to claim Chelsea stadium security told her last week during a match against Brentford that she needed to cover up her blue bra. “We supported Chelsea as best we could. But after this photo, the security of the stadium asked me to zip up my jacket,” Liman wrote on Instagram Story.

Russian Playboy model Maria Liman was just trying to enjoy a Chelsea match when security ruined the fun. / Instagram / Instagram Story

Here’s where my radar starts going off when there’s a claim that security made a beautiful woman cover up bare skin at a soccer match: I’ve seen the English Premiere League security in action and I’m hard pressed to believe these guys care about some exposed skin.

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Think back to the infamous Tottenham security guard who was in charge of patting down hooligans entering a stadium. True, it’s Tottenham and not Chelsea, but the track record is there that these guys DGAF.

So why would a Russian Playboy model lie about being told to cover up her boobs?

Because tabloids eat it up, turn it into content and that creates pageviews and that’s good for their business and hers. It’s not like Maria hasn’t been to a Chelsea match before. She’s dumped out the cleav at multiple matches.

You mean to tell me now Chelsea is worried about her boobs?

Hey security teams, leave the Instagram models alone. Take a lesson out of the notebook from Qatar where World Cup superfan Ivana Knoll was practically naked half the time she was in the country and they didn’t chop off her head.

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