Chef Who Concocted ‘I Was Kidnapped’ Excuse On His Boss Gets Jail Time

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If you think the U.S. justice system moves at a snail’s pace, you haven’t seen anything like what’s going on over in England where Chef Mariusz Kaminski, 36, has finally learned his fate for his actions way back in 2017. Kaminski was sentenced this week to 16 months in a U.K. prison for the stunt he pulled on his employer way back in the day when he told his boss that he’d been kidnapped and couldn’t make it into work.

Hurting for money and struggling to pay his mortgage, Kaminski cooked up a tale for his boss that included being kidnapped by three black men and shoved into a BMW over an unpaid debt of 1,500 British pounds. The chef then dishes up a concocted story about how he escaped his captors by hiding in a bush, according to the local newspaper.

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His friends go looking for him. His boss is nervous. The police send out 22 officers to investigate the story, and a female friend takes out a loan to give him 1,600 pounds to make sure chef is all good and the kidnappers leave him alone.

It turns out it was all bogus.

From the sound of things, Mariusz wasn’t trying to get a day off work like U.K. outlets are reporting because it makes for a good headline to push on Facebook. It sounds like the plan was to get money out of people to pay off his debts. Ladies who get swindled by guys like this tend to call them low-down dirty dogs. A con man. A thief.

The lesson here for those thinking about using ‘I was kidnapped’ to make a few bucks is to just create a GoFundMe and act like your little sister was run over by a semi while riding her bike and you need money for her medical bills. That’s much easier and way less likely to end up with the police looking into your case, unless you’re like the Cleveland radio guy who, in 2017, was sentenced to 30 months in jail for running a GoFundMe scam.

That guy pleaded guilty to ripping off $6,000 from a woman he’d known from elementary school who suffered from cystic fibrosis and died soon after the scam.

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