Cheerleader Storms Off Court After Player Yells ‘Shut The F**k Up B*tch’

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St. Bonaventure University cheerleader Hannah Koning abruptly stormed off the court during this past weekend’s Atlantic 10 men’s basketball tournament.

Koning later explained her decision, saying a Saint Louis University basketball player would not stop verbally abusing her during the game:

Sort of a strange comment to make toward a cheerleader while you are trying to win a tournament, no?

It turns out, the player in question is Jordan Nesbitt.

“For anyone who is wondering what happened at the end of the Bonnies/Saint Louis game, Jordan Nesbitt had been chirping the Bonaventure cheerleaders all games, calling them disgusting names,” Mid-Major Madness account found on video.

It’s unclear which of her chants irked Nesbitt so much. Though he’s averaging only 8.2 points per game on a 39.5 percent field goal percentage, so he probably doesn’t enter the court in the best mood.

Saint Louis University’s athletic department has not commented on the matter.

Anyway, leave the cheerleaders alone. That goes for everyone.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. This Nesbitt guy had quite the day. He was 0-8 from the field for 0 points and 4 fouls in this game, and ended his day getting in the news for dog cussing a little cheerleader. Highlight reel day to tell the grandkids about there bro.

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