Chase Young’s Training Camp Tape Looks Good So Far

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The Internet is lusting over the early Chase Young tape out of the Washington Football Team (you’re damn right I’m going to do posts on the Football Team just to type that this fall) training camp and it’s a huge win for Daniel Snyder right now. People forgot all about the Redskins name change thing, they’re buying merchandise and the No. 2 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft is impressing blue checkmarks AND NFL fans.

The Kim Jong-un of the NFL (Snyder) has to be smiling ear-to-ear today as the Football Team’s Twitter account retweets all the praise being heaped on Young for destroying an overmatched lineman who’s clearly never seen power like this. Meanwhile, Dan Jong-un is laughing to the bank over how much money he’s going to make on Young merchandise and how this stud defensive end will be the cornerstone to the eventual stadium build Jong-un will suck out of the D.C. taxpayers.

But enough of that, let’s appreciate what Young’s going to do in the NFL with that get-off.  We’ve seen beasts come along on the defensive line/edge rushers — Aaron Donald, Watts, Bosas, Myles Garrett, Cam Jordan, Chandler Jones — and here we (NFL fans) are getting richer with Young ready to enter the dominance conversation.

It’s one practice, but if you can’t get excited over this there’s something wrong with you or your team plays in the NFC East.

Wait until Daniel Jones lays eyes on this coming at him:

Written by Joe Kinsey

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