Charlie Crist Says He’s A Lot Like Tom Brady (He’s Not)

Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist wants voters to know he doesn’t give up — even when he probably should have — because he’s just like Tom Brady.

Crist is running against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, in a bid to reclaim the Governor’s office which he held from 2007 to 2011.

This time around he’s running as a Democrat, whereas he previously ran as a Republican. Since 2017 he has been a congressman representing the St. Petersburg/Clearwater area.

He’s facing an uphill battle, which is why he probably tried throwing out this bizarre comparison to Brady in this recently surfaced video from back in June of what looks like a town hall at a small municipal building in front of about 6 people.

“I got elected to represent Tampa Bay in 2016,” he said. “I had not won an election in ten years.”

Now, most people would say that if your political losing streak is inching toward a decade, maybe you should call it quits. You don’t typically lose elections because you got a bad bounce. You lose them because people just don’t like you.

Crist gives off the vibe that he finds the idea of people not liking him completely unfathomable, which is why he went on to compare himself to the greatest football player of all time.

“It was just like, y’know, Tom Brady. He hadn’t won a Super Bowl in ten years,” Crist proclaimed. “but you’d don’t give up. If you stick with it, if you do what you know is right, and you believe in God; you stay on the field. Especially if you think you can do it.”

Alright, so credit where credit is due they do have some things in common. Both Crist and Brady represent the Tampa area. Crist has some divorces on his CV and Brady might be working toward one himself.

That’s where the similarities end.

Oh, there is one other one: both switched teams.

However, the circumstances were different. Brady didn’t leave the Patriots because he knew he had no chance of keeping his starting job in New England. Crist jumped ship the second more viable Republicans emerged.

He went on to tell his captive audience why else — aside from his “Brady-like” perseverance — they should be excited he’s running for governor.

“I almost would’ve felt guilty not running for governor this time around; I’ll tell you why…”

Please do.

“I know I have all this name ID because I’ve run statewide six times.”


So he’s saying that his name recognition comes from having run for state office six times. Didn’t he just say he had a ten-year dry spell? One that was only snapped by an election that wasn’t even statewide!

Clearly, that name recognition isn’t helping too much. That or the name recognition comes from Crist’s own inability to read the room when Floridians say time and time again they don’t want him in office anymore.

We’ll see how things pan out for Crist when Floridians head to the polls. Although after that he may end up with one more similarity to Tom Brady:

They each have had rough a 2022.

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Written by Matt Reigle

Matt is a University of Central Florida graduate and a long-suffering Philadelphia Flyers fan living in Orlando, Florida. He can usually be heard playing guitar, shoe-horning obscure quotes from The Simpsons into conversations, or giving dissertations to captive audiences on why Iron Maiden is the greatest band of all time.


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