UFC Fighter Goes On Vulgar Rant After Huge Win: ‘F**k All You’

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UFC fighter Charles Radtke really cut it loose after his UFC 293 win Saturday.

Radtke defeated Blood Diamond (Mike Mathetha) during a fight at the event in Australia, and then dropped some comments definitely not for broadcast.

“It felt great. So, f*ck all you f**gots up in the f*cking crowd. Come down here and get some you pu**y ass b*tch. F*ck you,” Radtke said after the fight as he threw up the double bird.

Charles Radtke apologizes for UFC 293 rant.

Well, Radtke didn’t waste much time before walking back his comments and apologizing to everyone who heard them.

“I’d like [to] sincerely apologize to UFC fans across the world and to teh fans here in Sydney for the remarks I made post fight today.. Those comments are not a reflection of who I am and they don’t belong on a platform as great as what the UFC has provided me,” Radtke said in a statement released Saturday night a couple hours after his win.

He further added, “My emotions were running high.. It’s hard to explain the way your mind works when you’re locked in a cage to fight another man with your entire livelihood and dreams on the line.”

Radtke also wrote he plans to “learn” from the situation as he moves forward.

ESPN probably didn’t like Radtke’s comments.

UFC 293 was a PPV on ESPN. Even though FCC regulations definitely don’t apply, it’s hard to imagine Disney or the UFC was pumped about a fighter hopping on the mic and shouting, “It felt great. So, f*ck all you f**gots up in the f*cking crowd. Come down here and get some you pu**y ass b*tch. F*ck you.”

That’s going to cause some issues behind closed doors. Any other league and a guy would likely be suspended a significant amount of time.

However, that’s not how Dana White does things. He really doesn’t care what people say or do. Radtke should consider himself lucky for that fact.

Charles Radtke went on a vulgar rant after beating Blood Diamond at UFC 293. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Next time, perhaps don’t throw a mic in a guy’s face who just got punched. He might be liable to say some crazy things. That’s exactly what happened here with Charles Radtke.

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