Charles Barkley Loses Mind Over Shirtless Russell Westbrook, Starts Working Out ‘8-Pack’ On Live TV

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Charles Barkley was left speechless and ashamed of his dad bod after getting a peep at Clippers guard Russell Westbrook‘s abs.

Westbrook arrived at Footprint Center in another questionable outfit ahead of LA’s road playoff game against the Phoenix Suns.

Appearing ready to hit the beach rather than the court, Westbrook showed up in an unbuttoned yellow camp collar shirt, matched with a pair of shorts showcasing a similar print and no shirt to hide the cut abs.

Westbrook’s clothes (or lack of) sparked envy from the “Inside the NBA” set.

Charles Barkley was the most vocal of the reactions among the TNT panel, reacting with an audible “damn” at Westbrook’s washboard abs.

But Barkley didn’t just acknowledge the look — he hit the deck on live TV and started repping out crunches to reach Westbrook levels of toned.


“I can’t remember the last time I could take my shirt off in public,” Barkley said. 

Considering Chuck indulges in Krispy Kreme doughnuts and KFC chicken, it may take more than several crunches to hit his goal.

Twitter caught Charles Barkley getting too steamy over Westbrook’s abs and poked fun at the NBA analyst and Suns legend.

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