Charles Barkley Has Words For Skip Bayless, Massive Wuhan Pool Party & Vegas Keeping The Change?

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The NFL COVID-19 reserve list keeps shrinking and…

…my Florio Pro Football Talk positivity watch continues to roll along. I believe we are now three-for-three this week in the PFT positivity department. Not a single COVID headline — either positive or negative — over there yet again. My confidence level in the NFL keeps rising by the day and the blue checkmarks have gone radio silent on a couple of fronts. You’re no longer hearing how it’s impossible to have a college football season and/or the NFL season. It’s damn refreshing.

I even ventured over to the New York Times after waking up and sitting down at the computer and COVID is no longer above the fold on the NYT site. You have to scroll down below the DNC convention material to get to COVID which is quietly fading from the massive headlines of a week or so ago.

You get the idea. We’re on the right path.

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  1. They are only burying COVID-19 in the news because it is the DNC time to “shine.” You watch… next week when the RNC begins, COVID-19 will be all over the NY Times, and the rest of the liberal media will follow.

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