Charles Barkley Calls Grandson ‘The Greatest Thing That’s Ever Happened To’ Him

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Charles Barkley has a lot of love for his grandson.

The legendary NBA player turned star broadcaster has a very young grandson named Henry, and he’s very eager to shower him with praise, admiration and love.

Charles Barkley showers his grandson Henry with love. (Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images)

“It is by far and away the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me in my life … It lives up to the hype. I want to spend time with him because I’m not morbid, I’m not upset, I’m on the back nine. I hope I’m on hole 10 or 11, but you never know. I could be on 17 and 18. So, I want to spend as much time with him as possible, and then when he get older, I want him to Google me,” Barkley said during a touching interview on “60 Minutes.”

Barkley also added he’d really like his grandson to Google him someday so he knows just how much he accomplished in life. Barkley floated the possibility he’ll be “long gone” when that happens but let’s just hope he’s being overly pessimistic.

Charles Barkley is very happy to have a grandson.

It’s very clear Barkley is brought an incredible amount of joy from his grandson. The same can be said about his daughter Christiana – even if he did roast her a bit for not loving basketball.

That’s what being a great parent is all about. You sometimes have to playfully throw a few verbal shots at your kids. His daughter might not have been a basketball star like him, but he clearly takes a hell of a lot of pride in her intelligence.

He also takes a ton of pride in the fact he had a grandson he can now spoil. You can see it in Barkley’s face that his attitude and reaction is about as authentic as it gets.

Charles Barkley says his grandson is the greatest thing to happen to him. (Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images)

You can’t fake that kind of love. Him saying it’s “the greatest thing that’s ever happened” to him really sums it up.

As for whether or not his grandson will ever be able to read about Charles Barkley, I believe Google will have that covered. He was a superstar NBA player and just a better person.

Charles Barkley talks about his love for his grandchild. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for HBO)

Barkley always keeps it real.

Unlike a ton of celebrities, Charles Barkley isn’t trying to fake a persona. He’s unbelievably unfiltered, and that’s why people love him.

You know whether it’s him ripping politicians or something else, you can always count on Chuck to give it to you straight.

Never forget his very honest thoughts about race in America during the 2021 Final Four.

Props to Charles Barkley for continuing to be an awesome guy and a very proud grandfather.

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