Chargers Will Continue to Crush Broncos Season

Broncos vs. Chargers, 8:15 ET

The NFL, or at least their television partners, can’t be happy about this, can they? The Broncos seem like one of those teams in primetime almost every week right now. They are arguably the most boring team I’ve watched in the past few seasons. Not just this year, but over multiple years. Now they take on the Chargers – who are normally exciting but still don’t look great this year.

The Broncos are coming into the game with just a 2-3 record and probably the worst offense in the entire league. They are scoring just 15 points per game, and were on the losing end of one of the worst football games I’ve ever sat through when they lost 12-9 against Indianapolis in overtime. Now they travel to take on the Chargers. In a season where they expected to have a shot at not only the playoffs but the division, this is a key game to turn it all around. On the year, Russell Wilson looks like he left his game in Seattle when they traded him away. He has completed about 60% of passes and is averaging 250 yards through the air per game. The yards per game is actually better than his career average. The problem is that he has just four touchdowns. He’s either not making good reads, or they aren’t closing out drives.

The Chargers also have high hopes and aspirations for the season. They are 3-2 and have bounced back well after losing to both Jacksonville and Kansas City. The game against the Chiefs was understandable. The one against the Jaguars was an embarrassment. Houston played fairly well against the Chargers defense and made it a close game, but that also might have been a situation where the Chargers took their foot off of the gas. In the last game, they could’ve closed out the Browns with no issue but instead decided to give the Browns a chance. It was like they were trying to lose the game. It was… interesting to say the least. Most of this resurgence of the Chargers is due to Austin Eckler being more involved in the game. After three uninspiring starts to begin the year, Eckler did great against the Browns and Texans. They will need him to continue it against a tough Broncos defense.

I don’t think the Broncos are a good team right now. Maybe their offense gets right against a Chargers team that seems to allow opponents almost anything they want. But, for me, I’m not putting my money on them. I’m taking the Chargers to cover the game at -5.5.

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Written by David Troy

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