Chargers’ Sebastian Joseph-Day Says He Was Sexually Assaulted At Airport

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Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Sebastian Joseph-Day is calling out a California airport after going through a TSA check that Joseph-Day thought crossed the line. Joseph-Day is alleging that three TSA agents at John Wayne Airport, in Santa Ana, Calif., sexually abused him Friday during a security check.

The 2021-22 Super Bowl champ (with the Rams) shared his experience on Twitter. He detailed his qualms with the TSA agents that “swarmed” and “dehumanized” him.

Joseph-Day mentioned the airport, which caught their attention and prompted a response.

ebastian Joseph-Day
(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)
Sebastian Joseph-Day
(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)

Joseph-Day Wants To Prevent The Incident From Happening Again

“I really just got sexually assaulted by TSA at @JohnWayneAir,” Joseph-Day tweeted. “After I asked the gentleman to please stop BC I’m uncomfortable and I feel that this part of the check is unnecessary (After he felt what was needed). Then they told me I was the problem after 3 TSA agents swarmed me.

“I’m all for people doing their job well,” he added. “But it was extremely unnecessary and dehumanizing. I travel a lot, for personal and work reasons. I’ve never experienced anything like that.”

The airport’s Twitter profile replied with a robotic answer.

“Hello [Sebastian Joseph-Day], thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our priority is providing a comfortable and safe experience when traveling through John Wayne Airport. We are forwarding this information to TSA.”

Joseph-Day added upon the airport’s response that the alleged abusive TSA agents threatened to call O.C. authorities on him.

“It’s one thing if they apologized after my concerns, but the supervisor threatened to call the sheriff on me if I didn’t finish the search after I expressed I was just violated & told me to watch my mouth. I don’t think it’s just a TSA issue.”

In his thread detailing the incident, the Chargers DE sounded animated about holding the airport accountable for his horrid experience.

“And when I do try to file a complaint they are making me jump through hoops to do so,” he added. “I’m not sharing this on Twitter for sympathy. I’m sharing this so this group of gentleman [sic] and staff aren’t allowed to do this ever again to another human being.”

TSA will often be thorough, but Joseph-Day’s run-in with the folks at John Wayne sounds like more than a routine check.

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