Chargers’ Schedule Reaction is Going Viral

The 2021 NFL schedule release prompted the Los Angeles Chargers to create one of the best Twitter threads I’ve seen all year.

The team tweeted “our 2021 opponents as pop tarts: a thread.” They spent no time including the dates or locations of their impending matchups but rather focused on fake Pop-Tarts flavors.

From the thread, I’m assuming the Chargers will first face the Baltimore Ravens — which includes a literal raven with a Pop-Tart in its mouth. Next up, the Bengals, or “crusty cement flavour.”

In what appears to be a spin on “flavors” based on uniforms, the Cleveland Browns are “frosted baked beans” flavor and the Dallas Cowboys are … Great Value brand “frosted blueberry.”

The Denver Broncos are “frosted dead leaves” flavor, while the Houston Texans are “frosted ground beef” flavor.

If you follow Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes at all, you know that he loves ketchup. The Chiefs Pop-Tart just has ketchup on it … while the Las Vegas Raiders get the “frosted axe body spray” flavor.

The Minnesota Vikings are *toddler* “frosted half-eaten grapes” flavored Pop-Tarts, and the New England Patriots are “unfrosted strawberry” Pop-Tarts. Ouch.

The Buffalo Bills are the *value* sized “frosted facebook” flavor, while the Philadelphia Eagles are the “frosted ranch dressing” Pop-Tarts.

Although it isn’t clear why the TikTok star of the team — Juju Smith-Schuster — wasn’t used for the photo, the Pittsburgh Steelers are fittingly the “tok tarts.”

The last one … the Washington Football Team is the “frosted earth worms.” Which one did you think is the funniest?

Written by Megan Turner

Megan graduated from the University of Central Florida and writes and tweets about anything related to sports. She replies to comments she shouldn't reply to online and thinks the CFP Rankings are absolutely rigged. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Bizarre choice of player photos in a few cases. They chose Kevin Coutee (400 yards receiving) for the Texans, Chase Winovich (started 9 of 16 games) for the Pats, and Jessie Bates from Cindy as their big stars to feature? That was the funniest part of the joke actually.

  2. Damn but those are some nasty flavors. Hopefully didn’t ruin pop tarts for me. The pats one is funny though because that’s actually one of my favorite flavors. Plain and simple flavors can’t be beat. Love the Facebook blue for my giants too, friggin perfect shade of blue and almost looks like a legit one.

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