Central Arkans QB’s Helmet Goes FLYING After Violent Slobberknocker Hit Sends It Into Orbit

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Central Arkansas quarterback Will McElvain is probably pretty sore this morning. Not only did his team fall to 0-1 to begin the college football season, but he got absolutely flattened in the process.

McElvain, who transferred south from Northern Iowa prior to 2020, saw time at quarterback during each of his first two seasons and earned the starting job for 2022. He might have wished that he was on the bench during Thursday night’s game.

One of the biggest standout plays from the game came near halftime and it was absolutely brutal.

After faking the handoff on the play-action, McElvain looked to his left. Meanwhile, from his right, Missouri State‘s Dillon Thomas came flying-in like a banshee. The 6-foot-2, 189-pound safety absolutely clobbered the opposing quarterback. It was a slobberknocker.

As McElvain fell to the turf, his helmet not only came off, it went fully airborne. He got hit at about the 25-yard-line and his lid ended up landing at about the 30-yard-line, a full five yards away.

Take a look at the real-time, in-game angle:

If that wasn’t vicious enough, the on-field, sideline angle is even more violent and provides an even better look at the helmet being sent into orbit.

McElvain got rocked and was visibly dazed after hitting the purple and grey turf below. Fortunately, he was able to stay in the game. Although it may not have served in his favor because he got sacked six more times in the game and lost. It may have been more enjoyable to sit that one out. Ouch.

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