Central Arkansas Gets COVID Results From Austin Peay Game

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The COVID results are in for Central Arkansas after Saturday’s game against Austin Peay and, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, there was very good news with the first round of results.

UCA, who beat Austin Peay 24-17, reported zero positive COVID cases from a round of testing done Sunday morning. In all 72 players, plus coaches and staff, were tested with negative results. Since the team has a game Thursday against UAB, Central Arkansas will be tested today, the Democrat-Gazette reports.

The plan from UCA going into its first two games was to stay in Birmingham after the Austin Peay game, Democrat-Gazette reporter George Stoia III tweeted, and create what sounds like a bubble environment and go through testing in an attempt to get two games in before some schools play one.

“I kind of think it’s almost even better staying in Birmingham and staying together, not integrated into the classroom and with your friends around Conway,” UCA AD Brad Teague told Stoia. “I bet it’s even a better bubble there just in the hotel and staying with their team all the time. I feel good about that. I felt that was probably our best move.”

So far so good for UCA. 1-0 and zero positive tests and a primetime win on ESPN to use in marketing material.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. I hope we can get to the place soon where we focus on illness rather than testing positive. We know the tests are not completely accurate, and putting an asymptomatic person on house arrest for two weeks, or a month in the case of some families is getting ridiculous. We should all be social distancing and avoiding people who suffer from co-morbidities until there is a vaccine. Otherwise live your life as normal.

  2. Man i would rather listen to a dry boring weather report than hear about more rona test which don’t matter its hospitalizations that matter but of course there aren’t that many of those. I guess it is all about trying to keep that fear train rolling along. On the vaccine front i am not 100% sure on this but i don’t think there ever has been one brought to market for a rona virus.

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