Cedar Point ‘Sex Offense’: Another Couple Busted For ‘Indecent’ Activities

The Year of Public Indecency rolls on at Cedar Point where yet another couple has been busted for getting their freak on.

38-year-old Frank Kosec and his 38-year-old girlfriend Tesa Miracle were arrested Friday night on public indecency charges over what was going on in line for the amusement park’s Fearground Freakshow haunted HalloWeekends attraction.

It was in that line where witnesses shot video of Tesa cranking on Frank. “The video shows a male and female standing in line. The female has her right hand inside the man’s zipper. The video shows the female masturbating the male. You can see the female’s hand making a back-and-forth motion inside of the male’s pants,” the Sandusky (OH) Police Department’s arrest report states.

38-year-olds Frank Kosec and his girlfriend Tesa Miracle were arrested at the Cedar Point Amusement Park on indecency charges / Erie County Sheriff’s Department

Cops were called to the scene where they observed Tesa in tears and unwilling to talk about what was going on in line for the Freakshow. Brunswick, Ohio native Frank, who denied Tesa was giving him any sort of handjob, told police that the two had “recently started dating and are very intimate with each other.”

Uh, sounds like it, Frank.

Get a room, take care of business and stay out of jail. Come on Frank, you’re 38 years old. A handjob isn’t worth a lifetime of Google Search results. They have a video, Frank! Some of you guys, maybe you’re recently divorced, have to be smarter than this. Don’t even think about giving some 17-year-old eyewitness the opportunity to call cops. Take the handjobs to one of those hotels before you get on the Cedar Point causeway.

Based on the video evidence, both Frank and Tesa were arrested and hauled to the sheriff’s office. The night of romance was over.

It’s been a wild ride for America’s Roller Coast. In August, a couple was arrested for having sex on the park’s giant Ferris wheel. The woman in that case claimed she was just bending over to pick up a pack of cigs when her boyfriend “helped her.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

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