CDC Relaxes COVID Rules & Restrictions: Final Thoughts

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Miraculously — and by miraculously, Tomi Lahren means now that it’s no longer politically advantageous and they’ve already bullied millions into the jab — the CDC is dropping most of its draconian and nonsensical COVID protocols.

Tomi has some Final Thoughts.

The updated guidance lifts the quarantine requirement for those exposed to COVID, eliminates social distancing nonsense, plays down the need to screen asymptomatic individuals, and does away with the tyrannical and moronic “test to stay” practice of requiring asymptomatic students to test daily and segregate into so-called “cohorts.”

And last but not least, the new guidelines essentially remove the BS and discriminatory language that’s been weaponized over the last year plus to stigmatize, shame and intimidate the unvaccinated.


Yes you heard that right, many many months after knowing full freaking well the COVID vaccines in doses, however many they are now “recommending” don’t prevent infection or spread, the CDC is admitting the vaccine is next to useless for many people.

CDC Relaxes COVID Rules & Restrictions: Tomi Lahren's Final Thoughts
A view of the sign of Center for Disease Control headquarters is seen in Atlanta, Georgia, United States on August 06, 2022. (Photo by Nathan Posner/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Well, I’ll be damned, NOW you’re admitting it? NOW you’re taking that into account?!

NOW you’re recognizing natural immunity and putting an emphasis on personal freakin choice?! Well what about the tens of thousands of people who lost their jobs for refusing the vaccine? Or the likely MILLIONS more who were bullied and coerced into jab-or 4- they didn’t want in order to keep their jobs and put food on the table for their families?!

The “science” hasn’t changed since the BS COVID vax mandate decree came down about a year ago! But that didn’t stop the scientific community and ruling class from essentially forcing an experimental vaccine on us and our children anyway.

Remember that GARBAGE?!

Not only do the American people deserve an epic apology from the CDC, from Biden, from Biden’s puppeteers, and from Little Tony Fauci, those who lost their jobs over it should be immediately rehired and back paid for however long they had to go without employment thanks to the vaccine mandates, the CDC bogus guidance and the Biden Administration’s tyrannical overreach!

And furthermore, it’s time to take the muzzles off the scientists, medical professionals, and regular folks who were brave enough to sound the alarm over vaccine requirements and then vaccine side effects.

And furthermore 2.0, those of us who have been screaming this stuff from the rooftops from day 1 and were then flagged, banned or otherwise censored for it should be getting not only an acknowledgment of that but a GIANT apology from the big tech wardens who did-and and still do it- every time we so much as utter, mouth or type words that resemble or sound like COVID or VACCINE!

This COVID era has been the dumbest time in recent American history and to all those so-called professionals, politicians, and leaders who will now try to gaslight us into thinking they never pushed COVID infringements down our throats for “our own good,” not so fast.

We will never forget who you are and what you did. You made a mockery out of us and so help me God let us never be dumb enough to collectively allow it to happen again! Take your face diapers, your social distancing, your jabs and boosters and shove it all!

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