CDC Gives Vaccinated Air Travelers Green Light

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Federal officials are telling the vaccinated to go ahead and fly away. The new guidelines come from the CDC, which said Friday that fully vaccinated Americans can resume travel.

Everyone else? Well, apparently the same old rules apply. Basically, they can fly, too. But the CDC has been discouraging people who have yet to receive a COVID-19 vaccine from traveling.

“The agency updated its guidance because of several newly released studies documenting the strong real-world effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines in protecting against infection and spread of the virus, and the rapid pace of vaccinations, now close to 3 million people a day,” The Washington Post wrote.

According to the new guidelines, domestic travelers who are two weeks past their final shot won’t need to get tested before and after trips. Nor will any sort of quarantine period be suggested after travel.

The same largely applies to international travelers, per the CDC — though being tested after traveling and self-quarantining is still recommended after trips overseas.

“With millions of Americans getting vaccinated every day, it is important to update the public on the latest science about what fully vaccinated people can do safely, now including guidance on safe travel,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said in a statement. “We continue to encourage every American to get vaccinated as soon as it’s their turn, so we can begin to safely take steps back to our everyday lives. Vaccines can help us return to the things we love about life.”

Written by Sam Amico

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