CBS Sports Radio Host Andrew Perloff Given Green Light To Consume Entire Jar Of Peanut Butter On-Air

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Andrew Perloff found himself in a sticky situation thanks to CBS Sports Radio’s legal team.

Perloff, who co-hosts Maggie and Perloff with Maggie Gray, intended to eat an entire 16oz jar of peanut butter during a show last week, but the suits and ties shut down the peanut butter performance.

Maybe they were just jelly?

The entire bit stemmed from Perloff’s professed love for peanut butter while on-air. He went as far to say he enjoys PB so much that he can eat an entire jar during the three hours in which the show airs. Gray, seemingly calling his bluff, challenged Perloff to do just that ahead of last Thursday’s show.

Perloff was up for the challenge, going as far as to seek suggestions on which brand of peanut butter he should consume.

(Side note – I’m going with Peter Pan or Skippy smooth all day. Though you’re getting more flavor if you go with any brand’s chunky version, smooth would be easier to consume over a three-hour period).

Perloff Was Ready, But CBS Sports’ Radio Host Was Shut Down

Thursday marked D-Day. 16 ounces of Skippy would soon fill Perloff’s body pleasing both his palette and radio listeners. But it was all for naught.

Audacy, which is CBS Sports Radio’s parent company, wasn’t quite as keen on Perloff’s penchant for peanut butter. Their legal team quickly traded suits and ties for badges and repositioned themselves as the fun police, nixing the bit.

“Our boss, Spike Eskin, saw on social media what was happening and he was like ‘yeah, you have to clear this stuff. There’s a legal department, there’s other concerns here,'” said Perloff during Thursday’s show. “So now we’re caught up in red tape.”

That red tape apparently was in reference to Perloff potentially choking or having an allergic reaction to the peanut butter while chomping away at jelly’s best friend.

Radio’s so soft these days!

Peanut Butter Makes A Comeback

Fortunately, the legal team reconsidered their stance during Friday’s show and have removed the red tape, allowing Perloff to pig out on peanut butter.

Suddenly, all is right in the world.

I reached out to Perloff on Monday morning to see how he was feeling after finally being given the green light. Was he having second thoughts? Is he prepared?

“Honestly I wasn’t afraid at all until all management temporarily put it on hold because they were worried about my safety,” Perloff told OutKick. “Got me thinking, can you choke on peanut butter? I guess it depends if it’s chunky or smooth. All the experts are telling me go smooth and try to go with ‘natural peanut butter’ because it has more oil. Still doing my research.”

A new date for Perloff vs. Peanut Butter has not yet been finalized, but Perloff expects the showdown to commence this Thursday, March 9.

“I may not be the man who wants to eat a jar of peanut butter on live radio, but I’m the man the world needs to eat a jar of peanut butter on live radio,” added Perloff.

Good luck Skippy, you’re gonna need it.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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