Cavinder Twins Get ‘Acrobatic’ At The Beach

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Haley and Hanna Cavinder announced earlier this month that they were leaving Miami after one season and ending their basketball careers. Rumors that they were headed to the WWE followed and were confirmed this past week.

Jeff Hoffman, the Cavinder twins’ agent, confirmed that the two were headed to the WWE. He said they will start their training for the wresting organization this spring at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

Cavinder Twins Acrobatics
Haley and Hanna Cavinder working on their acrobatics (Image Credit: Cavinder Twins/TikTok)

“The potential – what could be – I think they’d be excited if that type of opportunity presented itself for them to be main features in the WWE,” Hoffman told TheStreet’s Colin Salao. “WWE fans provide such positive comments, feedback, and energy to the twins.”

Until then, Haley and Hanna, are focusing on the reason they became household names in the first place – content. We’re talking about hitting the beach, hanging out courtside at NBA playoff games, the whole deal.

During one of their recent trips to the beach, the bikini-clad twins decided to show off some of their acrobatic abilities. A failed backflip proves the two have some work to do before they see any TV time in a WWE ring.

The Cavinder Twins Are Doing What They Do Best

Practice makes perfect and when bikinis and beach sand are involved it also makes for good content. This shouldn’t worry any WWE fans hoping to see the two flying off the top rope.

The WWE knows what it’s doing. If they see something in a couple of D1 college basketball players with an enormous social media presence, they’ll figure it out how to get them in the ring.

Whether or not assisted backflips are part of their repertoire is a different story. Right now that seems highly unlikely.

The road from college basketball player to professional wrestler can’t be an easy one to navigate. With the help of the experts behind the scenes at the WWE, the Cavinder twins will no doubt be able to pull it off.

For now, it’s content, content, content.

Written by Sean Joseph

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