Cavinder Twin Takes Up Golf, Could Be Coming For Paige Spiranac’s World Ranking

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Hanna Cavinder of the world-famous Cavinder twins, has officially entered the golf influencer chat room.

With their college basketball careers over, the Cavinder twins announced earlier this month that it was time to “start a new chapter in our lives.” This week, Hanna Cavinder picked up a golf club and announced to the internet that we might be seeing one of the greatest pivots in influencing history.

Is Hanna Cavinder ready to take a stab at golf influencing? There are very few crossover influencers who have had any success, especially joining a highly competitive market like the golf influencer world where there are like 200 IG models coming for Paige Spiranac’s ass and for her world’s No. 1 ranking.

We’ve seen the world’s No. 1 ranked tennis influencer, Rachel Stuhlmann, try her hand at golf, but it just doesn’t work. The Cavinder twins have owned the Instagram women’s basketball influencing world for the last two years, but there are only so many miles you can put on that ride. We’re at a very interesting point in the career of an influencer: What now?

“This is what my retirement better look like,” quipped Brooke Cavinder, one of five Cavinder sisters, at how Hanna has picked up golf. “u wanna golf soon neighbor or run in on the pickle ball,” the mega-star influencer fired back.

Oh, and are those Grill Master 3000s?

“retired hanna has entered the chat,” Hanna Cavinder replied to one of her fans over her choice in golf shoes.

But what now?

The Cavinder twins announced April 19 they have signed a deal with Jake Paul’s Betr sports betting app. That’s definitely a pile of cash. There’s also talk of these two getting into the WWE which would make a ton of sense to go along with their Betr portfolio.

One thing I’ve learned from these NIL millionaires is to never bet against them.

Just watch.

These two will have their WWE thing going on. They’ll have the Betr influencing going on. They’ll show up at a basketball court like once a quarter for a content shoot. And they’ll show up on golf courses. It’s too easy to pump out a few golf shoots each month to keep the Instagram algorithm juiced, especially during the summer.

They’ll eventually sign some drink deal. Maybe a weed deal — don’t laugh, more people are spending money on weed than chocolate. They’ll eventually turn all of this into a QVC clothing deal at 30 after they’ve made $50 million.

Just watch.

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