Catholics vs. Cousins T-shirt Finally Reaches Media

For about two weeks people have been sending us the “Catholics vs. Cousins,” t-shirt on Twitter.

Get it, it’s like Catholics vs. Convicts except with Cousins there instead. It’s funny because all Alabama people are related. Or because all Alabama people marry their cousins. Or because people in Alabama who already have children also have brothers and sisters who also have children and NO ONE ELSE does. 


Get it.


Given the lack of birth control, don’t catholics lead the country in cousins? Is Notre Dame playing itself?

I’m in favor of humorous t-shirts. 

But this one just isn’t very funny.

Especially since everyone knows Alabama fans don’t actually marry the cousins they get pregnant.  

But you know who is funny?

Jimmy Clausen.  

On the day the t-shirt was released, Jimmy Clausen tweeted to the company that makes them, “pretty sweet shirt!!! Might need to get a few of those.”

This morning Jimmy Clausen tweeted out a picture of the t-shirt and then deleted it because he was getting too much Internet smack talk.

This is maybe the most Jimmy Clausen move of all time.

He deleted a t-shirt pic Tweet.

The deletion came after’s Stewart Mandel Tweeted a funnier comment than the shirt itself, “Jimmy Clausen, determined to remain unpopular even after college,” and linked to the Tweeted shirt.

Clausen backpedaled — perhaps the only move he’s mastered in his NFL career–, deleted the picture and Tweeted Mandel back.

“it’s a t-shirt lets get real!”

Then he posted on Twitter: “Some people have to much time on your hands! It’s a shirt people lol”

My two favorite parts of this tweet: 1. the wrong to and 2. the lol. If you’re a man over 12, you can’t type lol.

Clausen then retweeted a Notre Dame fan who sent this spirited defense of Clausen to both Mandel and Clausen: “no worries. Jimmy will stay very popular unlike your lame ass!!!!

So, face it, Stewart, Jimmy Clausen rules!!!

Jimmy Clausen will remain popular with Notre Dame fans for never winning any games that matter forever.

And for announcing he would attend Notre Dame at the College Football hall of fame after arriving in a mink coat and a limo.

The real story here is that we’re exactly three weeks from gameday.

The first flurry of social media stupidity has begun.

By the time of kickoff, I will have bought a new mansion.

In the meantime, will Jimmy Clausen be laughing so hard when he comes home to find his trees destroyed?

Probably not.


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.