Catholic ESPN Panelist Bill Plaschke Bends Over Backwards To Support Banana Hammock-Wearing Weirdo Drag Nun ‘Community Heroes’

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We’re not shocked, Bill.

If Bill Plaschke wants to keep his spot on ESPN’s “Around The Horn” show where the L.A. Times columnist has appeared for approximately the last two decades — he shares one of the four guest spots with the likes of woke champion Sarah Spain, Mina Kimes, Elle Duncan and Clinton Yates — he has to stay in line.

That means Bill has to bend over backward to moments like what played out Friday night at Dodger Stadium where the weirdo drag nun ball-gag-choking outfit that calls itself the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence received a “Community Heroes” award on Pride Night.

Woke Bill Plaschke ate it up. Spoon-fed.

Bill even went back for seconds.

It’s actually quite surprising Bill, who says he’s a Catholic, didn’t let the Sisters choke him out with their ball gag.

Let’s go to the highlights.

Sister Unity and Sister Dominia of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence honored on LGBTQ & Pride Night in Los Angeles, CA; Bill Plaschke. Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images / ESPN

Bill’s big message from the night focused on two things: The Dodgers had to give the Sisters their “heroes” award in front of an empty stadium over security concerns and that the Sisters are heroes, but Bill, who’s paid a ton to research stuff like this, doesn’t provide a single concrete thing the Sisters have done for the community.

“In the 1980s the Sister were at the forefront of the AIDs pandemic, providing comfort and care for countless dying men who many would not touch,” Bill writes.

“Today their mission has morphed into one of organizing and assisting in charitable events while spreading a message of inclusion, hope, and love.”

As someone who actually researched this Los Angeles group, this is where I have to step in and say that Bill mailed it in and didn’t do any research on this group. Zero.

The Los Angeles unit (San Francisco was around in the 1980s, but the Dodgers weren’t honoring the San Francisco group) was founded in 1995, Bill. Did you even look at their Instagram page where they proudly say they were founded in 1995? How was the Los Angeles chapter at the forefront of anything in the 1980s when they didn’t exist?

This is sloppy work, Bill.

He also failed to mention that the group rarely updates social media to mention what they’re doing for the community besides making fun of Catholicism and openly wishing for its downfall. He failed to mention that before the whole “Community Heroes” Pride award controversy, the last time the Sisters mentioned anything about serving the community came when they promoted a “beer bust” that was a fundraiser for a vegan farm.

Bill, you left out the good parts.

He also forgot the “Feast of the Ass” in January.

And Bill didn’t bother going back into his employer’s archives to do a deep dive on the group. If he had, Bill would have noticed that his own employer’s online archive doesn’t include a single story on the group before the Pride Night controversy.

Go here — Bill. Take a look.

“One moment they might be holding candlelight vigil to support AIDs treatment, the next moment they might be stationed at a Pride festival booth doling out blessings,” Bill writes.

Take Bill’s word for it. He thinks the Los Angeles group was doing great work in the 1980s when they didn’t even exist.

The Dodgers honored the Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence before an empty stadium due to safety concerns

“The ceremony was held much earlier than the Dodgers normally hold their pregame events because of what the Dodgers claim were safety reasons. There were extra police lining the stands. It didn’t matter. There was no fear. The Sisters weren’t going anywhere,” Bill explains.

Or…hear me out…the Dodgers brass honored these weirdos before an empty stadium so nobody would be there to see them honor the weirdo nuns and they could get this nonsense over with as fast as possible.

Not a plausible scenario?

The Dodgers presenting an award to anti-Catholic drag group to an empty stadium. OutKick was able to obtain video of the controversial celebration in front of roughly 300 fans an hour before the game started. (Video by Ian Miller)

At the end of the day, Bill keeps his job on “Around the Horn,” he stays safe within the L.A. Times echo chamber and in his own home.

“As a lifelong Catholic, I am disturbed by some of the grotesque imagery created by the Sisters. But as a proud father of a daughter who is gay, I view this through the eyes of the great MC Plaschke, and can clearly see that the Sisters’ good works far outweigh their controversial performances,” the newspaper vet writes.

Bill, you’re still not fooling us. You couldn’t pinpoint exactly one “good” work that the Los Angeles Sisters have accomplished to result in your glowing column and that “Community Heroes” award.

Good job trying to hoodwink your readers. Hopefully, they’re not as dumb as you must think they are.

Bill Plaschke supports this:

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  1. Plaschke’s about as Catholic as Stumblin’ Joe or Nancy Pelosi or most of the Kennedys … if you can’t defend your own Church against those who heap contempt upon it, then you’re not really a believer.

    The real Catholics – and their fellow-Christian allies, along with Islamic and Orthodox Jewish supporters – were the ones marching peacefully outside the stadium in protest of what in woke parlance can only be described as “hate speech.”

    Have to believe the next day’s 15-0 shellacking was a bit of divine retribution …

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