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Carson Wentz May Not Be The Future Of The Eagles, But They Don’t Have Any Other Option

The Eagles are in a terrible division in the NFL, and they have a quarterback in Carson Wentz, who was guaranteed $109.9 million dollars. Is he worth it, and are there are any other options for the Eagles right now?

Clay discussed answers to these questions on OutKick this morning.

“You know what’s easy? Hindsight, when it comes to the decision that the Philadelphia Eagles made with Carson Wentz’s contract. They put up on the broadcast last night during Monday Night Football that the Eagles had given Carson Wentz $109.9 million guaranteed money. If you look at the dollars that they are owing him, as the Eagles… the cap hit that he has got in the years ahead. This year, you might be like, ‘Okay, what are the Eagles playing, from a cap perspective, on Carson Wentz?’ $18.6 million dollars. That’s how much the cap hit is for Carson Wentz. Okay, that doesn’t sound brutal. Here’s where it gets bad. $34.6 million next year. $31.2 million in 2022. $36.2 million in 2023. And really, a lot of that money is guaranteed, dead cap money. And I just look at it, and I say, ‘This is a cautionary tale about what you have to do and be careful of when it comes to locking up your quarterback.’ Because for a while there, it seemed like Carson Wentz was going to become the next great quarterback in the NFL. And then it just didn’t happen.

“There’s a lot of single [MVP] winners in the NFL that aren’t necessarily great. Again, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, remains to be seen how good Lamar Jackson is. And Carson Wentz is kind of in that camp, where if he hadn’t gotten his knee injury the year that the Eagles went on and won the Super Bowl, Carson Wentz was going to be the MVP that year. And that’s what the Eagles thought they were getting. 

“And I’ll be honest with you. When I watch Carson Wentz play, I question whether he sees the field at all in a way that he’s progressing in his knowledge as a football player. NFL defenses will catch up with you, but every year since then it feels like Carson Wentz has gotten worse. And this year, admittedly, they have an incredibly injured offensive line. He’s getting decked. He has no time behind the line. That could impact all of his decision-making.”

Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael has 11+ years covering golf and college football. He's walked alongside Tiger, bleeds Purple and Gold, and is thankful for Joe Burrow! DBAP

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