Unhinged Eagles Fans Calling for Jalen Hurts to Replace Carson Wentz

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Carson Wentz continues to struggle. The unhinged Eagles fans — 80% of total fans — were furious with his Week 1 performance, which ranked among the league’s worst. Philly was willing to give him one more shot. But after a game-changing third-quarter interception, they lost it (again).

Now, imbeciles are calling for Jalen Hurts, the newly promoted backup, to replace Wentz.

Thus, we are putting the following on record for the world to see and forever to mock:

And they go on, and on, and on.

(I don’t care what any of these angry tweeters say. As a Lions fan, give me Carson Wentz tonight. He’s good.)

Jalen Hurts? Oh, please.

Written by Bobby Burack

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    • Chris wasn’t in replies when I typed the first comment…LOL…so i gotta acknowledge and agree with Chris, too.
      Only saw the Rocky statue when I picked my son up for Thanksgiving break back in the day…honestly…it wasn’t as impressive as I’d imagined it.

  1. Remember last December when Wentz heroically lead Eagles to playoffs? Philly doesn’t, apparently they think the guy who couldn’t beat out Tua, should replace Wentz. Hopefully they will be just dumb enough to trade a franchise QB and be stuck with a mediocre replacement, no I’ll will to Hurts but he ain’t the guy

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