Carson Wentz Believes Indy Has Something Special

Carson Wentz is refreshed by his exit out of Philadelphia. Since arriving with the Indianapolis Colts via trade for a third round pick and more, Wentz’s priority to produce a 2021-2022 playoff-level performance is a strong priority to erase the memory of last year’s atrocious run with the Eagles.

Once a contender for NFL MVP in 2017, Wentz’s horizons since his No. 2 overall selection in his draft have been sky-high in Philadelphia and more turbulent in result than bowel movements from a Shorty’s cheesesteak. God bless ’em.

But with a new opportunity and cast around Carson Wentz ready to help the quarterback return to elite-level play, the new guy in town is already feeling the playoff-ready energy in Lucas Oil Stadium.

When asked about his initial impressions from his arrival to Indy, Carson gave praise for not just the new talents group on both offense and defense — truly one of the best overall rosters in the league — but the connection that former QB coach Frank Reich helped build to welcome him in the midst of a fall from grace.

“I’d say right when the trade happened, obviously getting a handful of texts from coaches, members of the organization, teammates, right away I was like, ‘It seems like there’s a lot of maturity in that locker room, a lot of guys who really get it,’” said Wentz in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “Then, really, when we had our two weeks together at the facility, even though we still had three different locker rooms because of protocols, when you walked in with the organization, when you walked out on that field, when got in the huddle, when you got with the team and broke it down at the end of practice, when we shot hoops on the field, and played those fun games, there’s something special here. I could just tell.”

After going 11-5 with an aged Philip Rivers at QB, the switch to Wentz should have no effect on Indy’s floor, but certainly raises their ceiling should he play consistent with his earlier days of football. Which is not too far from the current product.

Eagles fans are so content by the move off of Carson Wentz and former head coach Doug Pederson that the new addition of replacement head coach Nick Sirianni and project quarterback Jalen Hurts may signal a bad surprise ahead than the 4-11-1 campaign last year. With a trim resume on Sirianni’s end that will be surely be challenged by the bellicose Eagles fanbase, and Hurts’ overflow of assignments now that the team looks at him to carry them forward, the days of Wentz may end up being the Roarin’ 20s for Eagles fans.

Only made more of a reality should Wentz ball out this upcoming season, which you can bet he will.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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