Bears Named New Front Runners for Carson Wentz

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The Colts were deemed the favorites to land Carson Wentz after Adam Schefter first reported the Eagles would trade him. The process has dragged on though, and Albert Breer now says he believes the Bears are the front runners for Wentz.

“I think Chicago is the front-runner and I do know there’s a feeling inside that building from [general manager] Ryan Pace, from the coaching staff, Matt Nagy, John DeFilippo … they believe, mechanically, they can fix him,” Breer says via NBC Sports Philadelphia.

Chicago has a playoff roster and is a QB away from competing in the NFC. The question: is Wentz that QB?

Last season, Wentz looked broken. He performed as poorly as any NFL QB not named Cam Newton. Yet, the talent is there, we’ve seen it.

The Bears likely won’t find a Year One starter in the draft since they have the 20th pick, and they don’t have the resources to trade for Deshaun Watson. If the Bears believe they can fix Wentz as reported, then he is their best option.

For Wentz, though, Chicago is not ideal. Matt Nagy gets more clueless by the year, and outside of Allen Robinson, who is a free agent, the offense has limited skill players. Furthermore, Chicago is as dramatic about sports as Philly — who wants that back-to-back?

Maybe it’s time for Wentz to leak that he only wants to play for the Colts. I mean, how much further can Wentz’s reputation fall? He already lost confidence when the Eagles drafted Jalen Hurts last year, and he has since requested a trade.

Don’t worry, Bears fans, you may have missed out on Mahomes and Watson, but Wentz could be on the way.

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