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We need to address network TV sitcoms

Can someone tell me who is watching ABC’s Wednesday night TV lineup? There we were in the man cave last night and somehow the TV ended up on ABC. I zoned out for 30 minutes and woke up to my wife zoned out (not sleeping) and The Wonder Years (the new version) on the TV. I sat there for five minutes in a daze as this show rambled on. Eventually, it ended and then The Conners came on.

You know, the show Roseanne was kicked off of. It’s supposed to be a comedy.

We sat there and gave it approximately five minutes and that was plenty.

Guys, what happened to the sitcom? The Conners is a complete embarrassment of a sitcom. It’s useless. John Goodman doesn’t deserve to go out like this. And it’s not just an issue at ABC. My wife and I tried to give American Auto on NBC a chance back in January, I believe. We were one-and-done with that garbage as well. We’re supposed to laugh! Which executive gave this one the green light? That executive wouldn’t know comedy if it was injected into his/her veins.

Are network sitcoms officially dead? Maybe the real question is: Are all the comedy TV writers dead?

I understand I just threw a bunch of questions at you guys. Help me here.


On American debt

• Chris B. read my post about new car auto debt being carried by Americans and has some perspective on this subject:

Hi, Joe — keep up the great work!

A note on that $155,622 average household debt: that includes mortgages and a big chunk of that is student loan debt for all the former 18-year-olds who were sold a bill of goods by Big Education. So it’s bad, but not as bad if you exclude mortgages. And if you add the net value of the houses and cars for which that debt is being paid, average net worth is probably a little less depressing. (None of which has anything to do with the ravaging effects of Bidenflation.) 

If you haven’t refinanced everything, do it today. Houses, cars, credit cards, all of it. I’m old, and I’ve never seen interest rates this low — and we never will again.


Yes, we’ve refinanced the house and that saved us several years of payments. No car payments. No credit card debt. No student loan debt. Give me a patio surrounded by my birds, plants, the squirrels that run along the top of the fence, Yacht Rock, 80 degrees, Busch Lights, a blowout golf trip with the boys here and there, and I’m all set.

• Speaking of inflation, in July 2021, I made campground reservations in northern Michigan to rent an RV. I need to modify the reservation, so this week I went to the website to see what the prices would be for the modification.

In July 2021, I reserved the RV for $75 a night. Now, the rates are $140!

Thanks, Biden.

• Pretty sure I’ve found the basement I’d have with another 2500 sq. ft. of space. Now, I know many of you hate golf. This clearly isn’t your dream basement and it’s not necessary to send me an email saying so:

Don’t forget, that screen can also show football games. You can throw out those massive bean bags that the traveling salesmen push at Costco and there’s fun to be had by the entire family.

• This is funny. Embarrassing? Let’s admit it, Marsh would kill to have a job like this.

On Reid’s pool dilemma and the Vegas rebound

• Sean C. in Granger, IN writes:

I’m getting ready for mowing season.  I have my rider scheduled for maintenance and I’ll be ready to go.  We got teased a little bit here in the midwest the last couple of weeks.  The weather this next week is gonna suck, but hopefully, by April 1st, we’ll be ready to go!  

Reid’s dilemma is a tough one.  I think your suggestions are solid.  Don’t put the repairs in someone else’s hands.  Just get compensation for the time/expenses to get it back into shape.  I like the $1k stipend for “pain and suffering” off the top, but for someone who is putting in probably $60-$70k for a pool, that $1k isn’t much.  I’ve had plenty of friends and neighbors with pools who always offer the “come over anytime” thing. 

The pool owner knows that Reid won’t take advantage of that too often, unless they become best friends.  I would always feel awkward just “popping over” to use the pool without an official, specific invite.  If properly compensated, I think Reid is being a great neighbor if he allows the pool people to tear up his yard.  The good thing is that the lawn will come back eventually.  It looks FANTASTIC, so I understand his plight.  Good neighbors aren’t everywhere, and if he does allow this, hopefully this gesture is not forgotten.  

Vegas.  I may have mentioned this back in the fall, but I had a trade show in Vegas in September.  The casinos were a shit show.  Mask police were everywhere.  Partitions at the craps tables.  Mask on at all times unless “actively eating or drinking”.  The only places where the rules were a little bit more relaxed were the independent restaurants that weren’t in casinos. 

Spending time on Fremont Street was the longest stretch of time I didn’t have to worry about a mask.  I was also there in October of 2020.  Stayed out at Red Rock.  It wasn’t as bad, but it wasn’t fun.  I usually go for fun once or twice a year.  I vowed not to go back until they returned to the maskless society we all learned to love.  On April 30th I head back out for another trade show.  I’m certainly looking forward to getting back to the general craziness and debauchery that Vegas brings.  I’ll send an update after my trip.  

One last thing, Mike and Cindy’s updates from their Mexican winter inspired me.  I just got back from my annual spring training trip in Lakeland.  Unfortunately due to some scheduling conflicts with some of the other guys in the group, we had to stick with our originally scheduled trip of March 7-14th.  Thanks to Rob Manfred, we actually saw no professional baseball.  We did see some Div 2 and NAIA games though.  But I thought it would be fun to document one of those trips and post like Mike and Cindy do.  I didn’t think about this plan until about halfway through my trip. 

But without games, it might have missed something.  This year’s blog would have simply been about golf and Hooters.  I think your readers deserve more.  So next year, look out for Sean C’s Spring Training Report!


Completely agree on the $1k offer to Reid being peanuts for his pain and suffering from sacrificing his turf. I think he would need to have his lawyer write up a hefty labor price which would include further pain and suffering compensation.

And don’t feel bad for not documenting your Florida trip. Not many are dedicated to the update game like Mike T. and Cindy T. Remember those updates from their fall trip across the U.S. and way up into the northeast? Don’t even think about competing with Mike T. trip reports. You’re going to lose.

• Mig writes:

One think Reid S. did not mention is how the neighbor’s wife looks in a swimsuit.  Might throw that in as a tie breaker if he is firmly on the fence.


And with that, we need to get rolling. I’m running late.

Have a great day across this great country. Go make that money, crush those golf balls, dominate retirement.

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  1. A totally subjective analysis …. Hildeeee and Hannah have always been pretty much equals on Screencaps … automatic All-Stars as it were. IMO… Hildeee is ready for elevation to first ballot H0F consideration.
    And, of course, there’s always “Officer Shelton” … and Salma. Liz Hurley, sadly, seems to be losing a step or two. …IMO.

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