WWE Star Explains How Her Good Looks Are Holding Her Career Back

From the outside, we assume pretty women have the best lives. While true, we underestimate their deep struggles. Sometimes, they are too pretty and it’s distracting.

In a podcast that has since gone viral, WWE star Carmella revealed she has to work “twice as hard” because she’s “pretty.”

On her fiancé’s After the Bell with Corey Graves podcast, Carmella responded to a comment from NXT’s Mandy Rose, who said she wants more “respect” for her work.

“Good luck, because when you’re pretty, that doesn’t happen,” Carmella said. “'[That] fires me up.”

“When I got signed in NXT, I remember Bill DeMott said, ‘You’re going to have to work twice as hard as everyone else because you’re pretty. I remember being like, ‘What? That’s crazy,’” on Carmella goes.

“‘You’re going to have to work twice as hard because people aren’t going to respect you because of how you look’. And it just blew my mind, and I remembered thinking, ‘Okay, noted and challenge accepted’. That’s what I did.”

Recently, Carmella unveiled a new wrestling gimmick, playing off her looks. Carmella declared herself “The Most Beautiful Woman in all of WWE.”  She even changed her Twitter name:

“No matter what, I’m never going to get the respect that I deserve because of how I look and that’s just how it is.” Carmella said. “If I didn’t look like this and I had the same matches and same career, people would be like ‘Carmella is amazing, we love her.’ Because I look how I do, I’m not going to get the respect that I deserve.”

See, and you thought only ugly people had it rough. That’s not a shot at Brock Lesnar, by the way.


Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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