Carly Baker Gets In On The UFC Octagon Girl Spring Break Fun

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UFC Octagon Girls know the content game very well. That includes the world of exclusive content. Unlike other organizations, the UFC hasn’t held back any of the very talented ladies who provide mid-round entertainment.

UFC Octagon Girls Arianny Celeste, Brittney Palmer and Brookliyn Wren are all in Mexico for Spring Break enjoying a much deserved vacation. The one thing the three aren’t taking a break from is making content. After all if it’s not on social media, did it really happen?

UFC Octagon Girl Carly Baker
UFC Octagon Girl Carly Baker introduces a round during the UFC 286 (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

The answer, of course, is that it doesn’t have to be on social media for it to have taken place. But when you’ve reached the level of success that Celeste and Palmer have, and undoubtedly where Wren would like to end up one day, you pump out plenty of vacation content.

It’s the whole no days off content grind. A grind that can change the game for some. Carly Baker appears to be dipping her toes into that world as of late.

Whether she saw all the Spring Break fun and wanted to throw some of her own content out there, or she’s made a conscious effort to grow her brand, there’s been an increase over the last couple of weeks compared to her previous output.

Baker, the UFC’s first Octagon Girl from Europe, has been with the UFC since 2013. The actress, personal trainer, and OnlyFans model is fresh off of an appearance at UFC 286 and is out promoting her exclusive content with some eye-catching content.

UFC Octagon Girl Carly Baker
The UFC’s first Octagon Girl from Europe (Image Credit: Carly Baker/Instagram Story)

It’s A Great Time To Be A UFC Octagon Girl

You don’t make it a decade with the UFC without learning a thing or two about creating top level content. She has some of the best in the business to get ideas from.

While Baker’s not in Mexico right now hanging out with the likes of Celeste and Palmer that doesn’t mean she can’t ride a little of their wave.

They’re out making headlines on the beach, people start looking at what the other Octagon Girls are up to, and before you know it you’re content is getting noticed too.

You know the whole “rising tide lifts all boats” concept. Your boat has to be in the water for that to hold true. Obviously, Baker put her boat in the water.

UFC Octagon Girl Carly Baker
The content machine has been turned up (Image Credit: Carly Baker/Instagram Story)

Written by Sean Joseph

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