Carlos Correa Takes A Jab At Derek Jeter’s Defense

Yankees fans should not get their hopes up that Carlos Correa will be the next Bronx Bomber.

The 27-year-old free agent shortstop did nothing to endear himself to the New York faithful, taking a jab at No. 2 Derek Jeter. In an appearance on the Me Gustan Los Deportes podcast on Thursday, Correa questioned Jeter’s credentials.

“Derek Jeter didn’t deserve any of the Golden Gloves he won,” Correa said.

While the Yankees are expected to make a run at the former Astro, the fans in New York might not be in favor of it.

With Correa questioning Jeter’s defensive accolades, some fans went so far to say that Correa didn’t deserve a World Series ring in 2017. Correa has become the poster boy for the Astros’ infamous cheating scandal, making him one of the most disliked players in the league.

Jeter, now CEO and part owner of the Marlins, was once upon a time a human highlight reel at shortstop. Look no further than his epic dive into the stands on July 1, 2004 against the Red Sox. Or his timeless flip to Jorge Posada to tag out the Athletics’ Jason Giambi at home in the 2001 ALDS.

Jeter won five Gold Glove awards over his Hall of Fame career. In the new age of analytics, however, numbers suggests that Correa isn’t far off on his remarks. Jeter finished his 20-year career with a -8.3 defensive WAR, well below the mark of the greatest defensive shortstops in MLB History.

Written by Nick Geddes

Nick Geddes is a 2021 graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. A life-long sports enthusiast, Nick shares a passion for sports writing and is proud to represent OutKick.


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  1. The Yankees would be lucky as hell to get a player of Correa’s HEART. The Yankees have no one on the team with heart. They are all just well paid performers on the biggest stage in baseball.

    Yankees fans have treated Correa like crap even before the sign issue. Even IF he thought he might want to go to that tax hell hole where he would pay 15% more income taxes than in Texas. At $35M a year, that’s $5.25M in income taxes JUST IN NEW YORK CITY.

    He’s not going to either team in NYC

  2. Is it a mystery why fans can’t stand this guy? He’s asking for money like he’s Nolan Arenado based on a mediocre career, and is now trying to troll a guy whose jock he couldn’t carry. Correa has not lived up to his own overblown potential yet, so he might want to shelve the criticism of Hall of Famers who exceeded theirs. Whoever wants him can have him. Good luck with all that.

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