Carlos Correa Is Baseball’s Amy Schumer

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The Houston Astros swept the Minnesota Twins this afternoon, which was annoying in itself, but Carlos Correa found a way to make it worse. Correa spoke post-game and decided NOW was the time to antagonize fans. Bold strategy to instigate the very fans you cheated.

“What are they gonna say now,” Correa said.

I don’t know Carlos, probably the fact that you hit .264 this season, while your entire team reeked all year at the dish, and don’t forget you beat the MINNESOTA TWINS. Their opponent has now lost 18 consecutive postseason games, so beating them doesn’t exactly make a statement.

Carlos Correa and the entire Astros roster seemingly can’t understand that it’s not the cheating that bothered fans. Their complete failure to embrace the tarnished view we have of them IS the problem. This entire organization thinks we owe them a clean slate because commissioner Rob Manfred said teams can’t throw behind their heads. They’ll earn their respect back when the fans declare it back, not when they beat an awful playoff team.

Imagine winning 29 of 60 regular season games (under .500) and making the playoffs ONLY because of a new rule to suddenly get cocky? Houston wants us to believe MVP Jose Altuve having the worst year of his entire baseball career was is simply a coincidence. They also want us to believe winning a three-game series against anybody makes us feel they would have won the 2017 World Series without cheating.

Carlos Correa v.s. Amy Schumer

Can somebody tell me what the difference between Carlos Correa and Amy Schumer? Both consider themselves to be at the top of their respective fields, yet neither have done anything honorable to earn those stripes. If any Houston Astro wanted to shut us up, how about showing up in 2020 and resembling the players you were? Performing like the athlete you were while you were cheating would absolutely legitimize your status the way you clearly hope for.

He instead takes periodic shots at the only source that makes him any money in this game: The Fans.

Athletes at all levels play this game to have fun, to win, and to earn respect from teammates and fans. Doesn’t take a professional athlete to understand that message because it should be obvious. Carlos Correa would be best served if he showed up to the park and prepared to win baseball games and opened his mouth absolutely never.

Speak when you’re asked questions and do your best to win and earn back the respect the game had for you just a short time ago. Doing anything else comes off like a cheating girlfriend upset her boyfriend doesn’t trust her. Do your job and let the fans of baseball do the talking, Carlos.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. I will say first off, that I’m not an Astros fan, but have cheered for Correa up until the cheering scandal. He was a guy who had/has the potential to be another A-Rod at his position. Not sure if he’ll ever get there. Injuries have certainly done him no favors.
    But, the Amy Schumer comparison is hilarious and likely spot on. Gary had nailed it again. This Outkick hire doesn’t get enough attention. I, for one, certainly look forward to his takes. Always entertaining and most of the time, educational.

  2. I am a Rangers fan and certainly not an Astros fan. Like the steroids era tarnished many players after “anonymous “ testing, I am convinced more teams than the Astros and Red Sox had electronic cheating systems. Most notably the Yankees.

  3. Well if he’s baseball’s Amy Schumer, I sure hope he doesn’t have any siblings. We all know that Amy has admitted to molesting her little sister, right? Don’t mean to gross people out any more than they already would be thinking about her, but it needs to be pointed out [insert 50 puke emojis here]

  4. Preach, Gary!

    What gets me is how Correa apparently he thinks he’s some icon of the game everyone follows, when he’s one of the most overrated players in MLB!

    Since his rookie of the year in 2015, Correa has missed 203 games while averaging an astounding .275 16 Hr 66 RBIs (yawn). However, as much as this guy runs his yap you’d think he was the second coming of Arod. I guess his main goal is to become the most hated player in MLB. At least he’s living up to THAT expectation.

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