BLM 101: Career Politicians Who Created Systemic Unfairness Are Playing LeBron And His Disciples For Suckers

Today’s edition of BLM 101, Volume 5 will focus on the sports world’s reaction to the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. BLM 101 is dedicated to educating athletes on the true agenda and negative consequences of the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM 101 tries to avoid snark and ridicule. We ask that you share the link of this article with your favorite athlete.   

Tuesday the sports world reacted strongly to the shooting of Jacob Blake.

The Detroit Lions canceled football practice, choosing instead to hold a mass press conference to discuss the shooting. Members of the Toronto Raptors threatened to boycott games inside the NBA Bubble. Clippers coach Doc Rivers launched a political attack on President Donald Trump. Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone expressed frustration that the Disney World Bubble limits what basketball players can do to fight what they believe to be police brutality.

A day after LeBron James declared that black people live in daily fear of police violence and that black men are targeted for death by police, his disciples backed him up en masse. 

James is the Al Sharpton of sports, an agent of chaos working closely with politicians who use racial division to rally voter support. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and black ministers can no longer deliver black voters to polling booths. The task has now been handed to James, Colin Kaepernick and black athletes. It’s their job to inflame the emotions of black people and get us to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depended on it. 

As you know, I don’t vote. I reject the pervasive dishonesty in politics. As it relates to BLM, the man or woman sitting in the White House has absolutely nothing to do with how police engage with a resisting suspect. President Barack Obama was in office when Michael Brown tussled with officer Darren Wilson.

The politicization of Jacob Blake is a byproduct of political dishonesty. The prevailing sentiment propagandized by BLM that police are intentionally targeting black men is a political ploy. 

Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Eric Garner and Rayshard Brooks are not examples of “systemic racism.” If anything, they’re examples of “systemic resisting arrest.”

The police, even bigoted police, are not nearly as dumb as BLM supporters would have you believe. LeBron James has foolishly suggested that police officers are intentionally hunting, targeting and killing black men. When discussing the actions of Kenosha police, James said:

“Or maybe he just left the house saying that, ‘Today is going to be the end for one of these black people.’ That’s what it feels like. It just hurts. It hurts.”

Police are not that stupid. Killing a criminal suspect complicates and jeopardizes the life of the police officer, even if he’s not convicted of a crime. You think Darren Wilson is somewhere happy he was involved in the death of Michael Brown?

The goal of a good police officer is to lock up bad guys. The goal of a white racist cop is to lock up black people. Good and bad police officers want to put handcuffs on and politely escort people to jail. That’s the payoff. That’s the goal. They leave their houses hoping to put people in handcuffs and escort them inside the belly of the beast — the criminal justice system created by career politicians such as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Bill Clinton.

I’m referencing Democratic politicians because LeBron James and his disciples seem to believe the Democratic Party is going to save black people from the “systemic racism” found within the criminal justice system. 

It’s a joke. The architects of the system are using LeBron James and athletes to point black people at the wrong target. The athletes are useful idiots. They’ve been talked into dedicating themselves to ensuring that career criminals are unharmed while resisting arrest and refusing to comply with police instructions. 

The Detroit Lions canceled practice so they could speak out on behalf of a man wanted for sexual assault. The city of Kenosha is being burned to the ground on behalf of a man who wrestled with police and wouldn’t comply with instructions at gunpoint. 

Across the country, police kill roughly 250 to 300 black people a year. The overwhelming majority of those killed are armed and violently resisting arrest. Thousands of black people are killed by black people every year. In Detroit alone roughly 250 black people are murdered annually. The majority of the murders go unsolved. 

The Detroit Lions do not care. 

An unarmed black man is a million times more likely to be killed by another black man than the police. But LeBron is terrified of police? If all it takes is a handful of high-profile anecdotes to justify living in fear of a group of people, can black, brown and white people say they live in fear of black men?

Can the Detroit Tigers cancel practice the next time a black man kills a Detroit citizen?

Let me return to my main point. Putting people behind bars is the goal of good and bad police. Prisons are hell on earth. The prison industrial complex is the beast. It’s the system that crushes the poor and financially exploits all who enter its gates. 

If you have had a loved one or family member incarcerated, you know the financial burden placed on the prisoner’s family. It’s a racket of exploitation that would make Tony Soprano envious. Politicians know exactly what they created. These same politicians are using athletes and the media to focus all negative attention on $60,000-a-year cops who occasionally make deadly mistakes during millions of encounters with dangerous criminals. 

Black Lives Matter is a smokescreen to divert attention away from the architects of the systemic unfairness in our criminal justice system. Twitter race-baiter and BLM activist Shaun King is demanding Kenosha police release the name of the police officer who shot Jacob Blake. Another Kenosha officer is in hiding because he’s been wrongly identified as the shooter. 

King, LeBron, Doc Rivers, Michael Malone, the Toronto Raptors, the Detroit Lions, the NBA, the NFL and the woke sports media have all been incentivized to keep the focus on the lowest-hanging fruit — working-class cops.

This is what passes for speaking truth to power in the age of social media. 

Blame the cops. Work to elect the career politicians who created the system.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Whitlock drops another masterpiece. I am really glad that there still are people like you Whitlock even your voice is being drowned out by those that want to divide us up. This all about communism and Some people can’t see it. As if lebron or any other Americans life is going to be better with communism. Marxism used class to divide people but this new form of communism uses race to divide us and the useful idiot athletes lap it up and promote it. What a bunch of useful idiots arguing to make less money, arguing to be totally controlled by the very racist themselves, arguing for less freedoms. These athletes today are just so uneducated.

    Does lebron think he is growing his popularity or his brand? There is no way this is good for his business. I am tired of there crap and being lectured to as if we had anything to do with a mistake made some no name cop

  2. Whitlock definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. LeBron said they’re hunted down every time they step out their front door. They can’t even go out for a jog! The only white folks that are hunting LeBron down, if he goes for a jog in his white neighborhood, is side pieces and kids looking to get something signed. The worst thing happening to him, is he’s either getting a wet di@k or carpal tunnel!

  3. Jason, another home run article. James is a wealthy ignoramus star athlete. Why is mister social justice not protesting the multitude of black unborn babies being aborted every year? That would be moral but James is all about promoting himself.

  4. You nailed it. Absolutely nailed it. I think most of your readers sit at home thinking all of these things. And then you put it on paper. Every time. Well done! I would bet that that there are a lot of NBA players who feel like James is a punk. Guys who really grew up in the shit. Lived the life and overcame to become NBA players. They have to be sitting there looking at him grandstanding every day and wishing he would stfu. And Doc Rivers. He’s been around long enough to know better. Another, I want to be a cool dad, coach. Very disappointing. And the Detroit Lions couldn’t find a better excuse to skip there one-a-day practice? A wanted sex offender??? Holy f-ck! Hahahaha. Good job, Lions. Good thing this Blake guy didnt murder a child. The Lions and their players would probably name their stadium after him. Oh, and I bet his alleged sex assault victim is black. Just saying.

    • As if the Lions didn’t have enough problems already. If these entitled millionaires really want to have an impact they need to roll up their sleeves and get involved in troubled communities. A handful do, but not many. Otherwise sit in your mansion or penthouse condo and STFU.

  5. Brilliant work. I would like to see the more rational people in media and other public figures start to emphasize the “Self Fulfilling Prophecy” that is dooming so many of these confrontations with police. It would be incredible to hear someone like Patrick Mahomes or Ray Lewis call this out in a hugely public way.

    If you fight with the police, they have no choice but to fight back, they cannot simply say “You’re obviously the victim of systematic oppression, so we will walk away and not prevent you from committing a crime”. Every single one of the people BLM are using as Martyrs has resisted arrest and fought with the police. And every single day BLM directly encourages more people to do it. Self Fulfilling Prophecy.

  6. Hit another one out of the ballpark Jason. I admit I don’t understand shooting someone in the back 7 times, but we need to let the investigation play out before rushing to judgment. And honestly, can these guys stop resisting once and for all? As for Lebron, he used to be such an affable guy, but now he comes off as angry and bitter all the time like Kaep.

  7. I’m a facts guy, before jumping in to a conclusion I would like to be presented with actual facts. It’s so so easy to jump to a conclusion that supports a narrative and mission. But this doesn’t actually address the root cause. The root causes are almost always linked to resistance to arrest. Why is that so hard? Just comply and have your day. This isn’t hard.

  8. Jason, I agree 100% that these athletes are useful idiots pointing people at the wrong target……..If sports franchises are so concerned about Social Justice, they can pick a date, any date, say October 26th, and cancel all games and practices for that day. They can go ahead and do it right now. Today, they can plan ahead to discuss the 60 white people killed between now and then, because on average, a white person is killed every day by police. Like you said, the only thing “systemic” about these killings is “systemic resisting arrest”………And if minorities are more likely to be killed, it is not because they are being targeted, but rather because minorities are more likely to live in cities destroyed by democratic career politicians. And now the cycle repeats, as useful idiots Lebron and Doc Rivers promote a corrupt agenda of Marxism. (Sadly, as all this manipulation happens, we blame cops who place their lives on the line to protect us, cops who get bricks thrown at them and fireworks shot at them in riots stirred by these spoiled athletes)

  9. Jason, you should vote. Based on your commentary, you see a big difference between Jim Jordan and AOC , Ron DeSantis and Andrew Cuomo. What’s in it for you? If the Marxist mob wins, guys like you and Clay are next. The lunatics already run education and look what happens when you say the “wrong” thing on campus. I don’t want to see you in sensitivity training and re-education camps. Censorship was in Hillary Clinton’s wish list had she won. Remember the “vast right wing conspiracy”.

  10. Wow Jason! This by far is some of your best writing. Taking such a complicated issue with various layers and explaining it in a more refined manner was awesome. I’m registered as an Independent and may not vote this election. Frankly both sides have lost their way and the people they “serve” suffer. We are pawns in the game. These athletes are being taken for a ride and really many of us due to irresponsible reporting by most media outlets. It’s hard to find truth anymore.What’s occurring in Kenosha is just sad and hard to fathom.

  11. Jason, your BLM 101 series is must read journalism. The analogy of LeBron being the Al Sharpton of sports is dead on. He relishes being the flame thrower for the woke. The left is addicted to painting America as a racist country and BLM and LeBron are thrilled to control the bullhorn.

  12. Keep up the outstanding work, cutting through the manure of mainstream media.
    As long as the NBA BLM skip the first two steps…
    1. Don’t do crime.
    2. Comply in law enforcement encounters
    … they’re going to lack credibility with law-abiding citizens.
    And as long as the angry dupes ignore their community’s self-imposed problems stemming from fatherless homes, failure to support education, glorification of “street cred,” out-of-wedlock births and swallowing the victimhood pill offered by Democrat politicians and “woke” allies, law-abiding citizens won’t take seriously the slurs about “systemic racism” and all whites somehow being the only race on Earth that is inherently bigoted.
    The protestors, rioters, poseurs and NBA “brand” builders acknowledge nothing and never lecture their own the way they love to lecture others. Meanwhile, they instill irrational fear into their children and polish that filter of racism through which they’ll continue to see every situation.

  13. Hey Jason,
    Terrific commentary today about the state of things. Moderate black and white leaders talk about sitting down and discussing the problems and working towards solutions.
    But the arsonists, rioters, looters, and snake-tongued provocateurs don’t want to live in that world.
    Where it’s going — who knows, but the career politicians aren’t going to be the ones suffering.
    Thanks again for your efforts!!!

  14. “Whitlock”…in the years to come , HISTORY will show who was on the right side of humanity , and it will leave no doubt ! YOU sir , will be on that side , the right side . The other side continues to commit crimes against humanity and their names will appear on that side when the time comes!!! Continue to be a beacon for humanity , for America . God bless you sir .

  15. Jason, I just saw your retweet about Jalen Ramsey donating a million dollars to help educate underprivileged kids. Jalen is a hero. My faith in athletes is partly restored. Rather than gestures, rather than stirring hate like Lebron and the NBA, Jalen did something. ………..As for the pathetic NBA, I don’t know how anyone can watch them. Doc Rivers asks why America hates them? Doc nobody “hates” you. We are just in disbelief that the NBA sucks up to white liberal elitist racists who promote policies which hurt minorities. Doc, you and the NBA are promoting “systemic resisting of police”. Doc, you and the NBA are stirring race riots which will destroy communities which already need help. Doc, you and the rest of the NBA are “useful idiots” and your ignorance astounds me. Doc Rivers, please, do something other than stirring hate and supporting corrupt politicians…… The NBA is absolutely out of control with their lies, manipulation, editing of videos, and race baiting.

    • So well stated. Out of control is the only phrase that makes sense, the NBA is that upside down in it’s logic, and this nonsense being stated by Doc Rivers, an actual member of Riviera Golf Club in Los Angeles and plays there regularly hardly sounds like a society intent on destruction of him and others, no matter their color. The hypocracy is breathtaking, and one must ask themselves how can they be this stupid, or like a fox, are they simply trying to have the American public take their eyes off the golden prize for the NBA, ie. China, while having us look inward instead. If so, here’s a hint NBA, we are that effing stupid…

  16. At what point do these athletes have blood on their hands? Young clueless kids are hearing the hatred of Cops & America being spewed by these clowns & then going out into the streets burning buildings & beating people up. Two people were killed in Wisconsin last night. I think these clueless athletes are at least partly responsible for the mob violence.

  17. Don’t commit crimes and your less likely to get shot by cop…..Don’t repeatedly commit crimes and you won’t get shot by a cop. Law enforcement is there to clean up the mess left by the break down of the family unit. Kids need parents (divorced can work) who guide them, love them and get them ready to live on their own.

  18. Whitlock, as the best journalist in America period, not just sports journalists, you’ve hit the nail on the head once more. I’m curious however about a couple of things. Given your most public stance on BLM (and presumably ANTIFA), are you at all tempted to vote this year given the known consequences of BLM (and Marxism and Post Modernism) flourishing under a Biden Presidency, and secondly, I’d love for you to address in an upcoming column or directly herein why is it do you believe such easily understood concepts as you so straightforwardly address in this column and previous “101” columns are being completely and utterly ignored by the players themselves, particularly as they now go about boycotting their own livelihoods? Wouldn’t at a minimum their AGENTS and OWNERS explain to them what you are attempting to explain? I’d love your responses to these two basic questions. PS. Given one day I hope there is a draft Jason Whitlock movement for POTUS, it might be a good idea to vote once or twice before that!!!!!! Kidding, but not kidding Jason. You are the man, and I among many are so very proud of you sir. Always, Archbold.

  19. You don’t get after the sports media enough Jason. King James is never confronted with the stats that disprove the narrative. He didn’t even have to show any evidence of the N word spray painted on his gate. 100% of the time they ask “feelings” questions and fawn over his reply. Outlandish statements are not met with probing questions. Sports media makes it so easy for high profile athletes to simply spew emotion filled retorts to the latest occurrence of the narrative driving event. No other era of athlete has been afforded such latitude. Ali was constantly grilled about his beliefs; he had command of the facts and actually knew what he believed. Another thing about Ali, he won people over by defending his position when it was put under scrutiny.

  20. Spot on as usual sir. What confuses me is how it the people who play sports, own teams, run leagues, etc. are all being controlled and the damage its gonna do to their brands. Maybe they don’t care because money can breed apathy but the vast majority of the fanbase (especially in the NFL) is being marginalized and pushed away by them as they scream about injustice. I am gonna go out on a limb and say that I speak for most of us that get up and bust our ass everyday, take care of our families, homes, neighbors, etc when I say that we look forward to the weekend and to be distracted a little by sports…in particular football. We all agree on someones right to have an opinion even if it is rooted in ignorance and spewed with condescension. But when we turn off the tv who are they gonna depend on? Just the gaming generation or the guys that only study fantasy analytics? Maybe they feel the next generation will be as loyal as folks like me have been and maybe they think they don’t need my tv time each Sunday. I am not giving up …yet. I love fall Sundays with my hopeless Cowboys and my .500 fantasy teams. But I am damn close to moving on to other things. I hope all that say this is the new normal are wrong. Btw, this website and its patrons give me hope. Thank you all.

  21. BLM 101 is exactly what America needs.
    Like the Truth, it will be attacked, smeared and hidden relentlessly, but BLM 101 is such a great idea that it deserves and needs to EXPLODE.

    UBER comes to mind… You can’t stop an idea that good!

  22. Jason….please stop telling the truth. It isn’t helpful for those who want to keep their heads in the sand.

    For me….keep giving the world the unvarnished truth, it needs it daily.

    P.S. where the hell is my Whitlock TV show/Podcast on Outkick?

  23. I will just repeat my below comment that I also made to a article in the LA Times sports section.

    “No NBA basketball?
    Except for in the sports media, that action won’t have any profound influence not only in national affairs but in world affairs.”

    My addition for this: Anyone that is influenced by an athlete’s opinion is strictly a dolt in thought.

  24. Jason, again you speak the truth. I’m a huge fan. That said – YOU NEED TO VOTE, JASON. It is your obligation as an American to vote, to participate in the process. Without participation, we do not have a democracy and all of the values you believe in (and I KNOW you believe in them) are diminished if not nullified.

    I’m not a fan of Donald Trump as a personality. I am not drawn to ego mania and blustering. That said, I’m not voting for Trump because I want him to be my pastor or my friend. I’m voting FOR him because his policies (on the whole) represent my values. I’m voting FOR him because he has the guts to stand up for the American system. I’m voting AGAINST Biden and the Dems for all of the reasons you so eloquently articulate in your articles.

    Come out and support Trump, Jason. You don’t have to like him. You don’t have to support all of his policies. You should take a stand in the most important election of our lifetimes.

  25. First of all, it must be nice being a coddled multi millionaire and decide that you don’t want to show up for work because you are easily triggered. Maybe some good will come out of the boycotts. Maybe the NBA will kill its golden goose. The product has been garbage for years, that’s why they have all these dumb distractions during timeouts. I for one, will be glad once this league goes under.

  26. Jason, I just watched your latest Fearless stream on YouTube. It’s a must watch as I knew it would be. During these crucial times in America your voice (and Clay’s) are more important than ever. With a platform of kneeling, jersey slogans, and now boycotts King James of Wokeness has become the almighty leader of the new BLMBA.

  27. You would think that the NFL would look at the ratings the NBA is getting and see that this blind allegiance to a narrative that keeps getting shown to be BS will kill the golden goose. They’re like a bunch of kamikaze pilots intent on diving their gigs straight into the ground.

    Keep up the good work Mr Whitlock. Looking forward to V6.

  28. Again, and again, and again!

    Mr. Whitlock. You always come through to express exactly what I’m thinking.

    I have had people close to me caught up in the legal/detention system and it is more difficult to navigate your way out of that then to solo circumnavigate the world. And all the grifting schemes that they create adds to the cynicism that is already built.

    However, focusing on the least likely way to be killed while ignoring the most likely way to be killed is dangerous.

  29. If I understand Lebron and the NBA, they are saying they are misogynists. If a Black man sexually assaults a woman he should not be arrested. So if a Black man sexually assaults Lebron’s, or any NBA player’s wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, friend, and the suspect does not want to be arrested, that is OK. Mr. Blake was being arrested on a warrant of sexual assault, he resisted. Lebron and the rest of the NBA think arresting sexual predators is the wrong. Am I missing something?

  30. Jason, I have followed you for years and have always loved your work. But, you and Clay are rattling some cages. Be prepared they will come after you. ESPN, (run by the DNC) and even most on Fox do not like differences of opinions. For that reason I have turned them off. I don’t need that BS, I now have Outkick. Please keep up the good work. Thank, I had basically given up on Sports, but you guys brighten my day.

  31. Jason – Love your work! Just one nit to pick – please vote! IMHO, it is your obligation as a US citizen to be an informed voter. The right to vote in free and fair elections is a rarity in human history, and too many people have served and sacrificed to preserve that right. Just a thought…

  32. So they want the police to ignore blacks committing crimes. The guy was a known criminal with a warrant issued for his arrest. The guy wasn’t obeying the police. He reached into his car. What is the cop supposed to do? The worthless governor didn’t inform the public that he had a knife in his car. Two people were killed as a result.

  33. I am sick of the conclusion of racism being drawn whenever there is a White person and a Black person and the Black person is either arrested, killed, injured, or grieved. Why does it only seem to be news as a one way street. The opposite is not covered in mainstream media at all. I am not even arguing it should be. In fact I think all of these stories are local news stories and regional news stories at best. If people want to claim excessive force on behalf of Police for these last few high profile cases I am open to and can respect that debate/discussion. However I can not see ANY evidence that indicates that either of these last few high profile cases were caused by racism on behalf of cops or America. Each of the last three high profile cases could have avoided death and or injury simply by copperating with the arrest, shutting up and being taken to to be processed by the authorities. Am I wrong? These atheletes, politicians, celebrities, are just hopping on this “Racism” bandwagon for these cases with ZERO evidence of such. And apparently no one in their Main Stream Bubble willing to questionof challenge that claim based on facts and or evidence.

  34. Jason, I agree with the overall premise of the points you are making with one objection. The goal of good police officers is to help people. If it means helping maintain the safety of the overall citizenry by putting bad folks in jail, then sure. It’s the whole “protect and serve” mantra.

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