Cardinals Minor Leaguer Bitten By Bear

Thanks to the relatively close proximity between Saint Louis and Chicago and a shared division, Cardinals fans generally view the Chicago Cubs as a constant pain in the ass. Now, the fury four-legged mammals are also proving to be a pain in the back too. Literally.

In early October, a bear bit St. Louis minor leaguer Dalton Roach in the back during a hunting trip, resulting in a minor injury.

Roach was hunting deer in Wisconsin when a black bear decided to introduce himself to the 25-year-old hurler.

“He was just kind of moseying around. He didn’t look like he was on any kind of a mission or anything,” Roach told the Leader-Telegram. “But when he got to about 20 yards away, he took a left turn and came directly under my tree.”

Unfortunately for Roach, the bear must’ve missed breakfast and decided to help himself to Roach’s back. Rather than continue to let the bear treat his back like a buffet, Roach opted to make a move.

“Right when I thought this might be it, I decided I wasn’t going to just go out and it was better to at least try to do something to get out of this situation,” said Roach, per the Leader-Telegram.

Roach’s in-game strategy worked, and the bear was left without a full meal.

“Luckily, he kind of leaned back, seemed to say, ‘What the heck,’ and eventually got out of the tree,” Roach added.

The end result were a couple of teeth marks, a cool story and a reinvigorated Cards-Cubs rivalry.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. So let me see if I understand this…an armed hunter is sitting in a tree hunting, sees a black bear just walking around, then watches the bear come towards him, climb the tree he’s in and the bear bites him? I take it minor league players aren’t regularly drug tested.

    • Very odd story and/or behavior from a black bear. Most deer hunters would not be threatened by a black bear or a “false charge” from one in a stand…or risk scaring off the deer with a warning shot. But if that bear kept coming to/up the tree (they are lightning fast up a tree), a scoped rifle is the wrong tool now. Risky shot around the feet at that point but no warning shot/loud noises after “this is really happening” is confirmed?

      He was likely pickled in doe piss and old Milwaukee

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