Car Chase Ends Spectacularly When Car Flies Off Cliff Into Ocean; Dude Survives

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Car chases in California are legendary.

It’s not uncommon for entire offices to shut down after an email goes out alerting everyone of the action.

It’s part of the culture.

And, oftentimes (not every time Karen, we know), things turn out ok. 

The idiot realizes that he’s not going to outrun the numerous TV helicopters and the 200 LAPD cars following him.

After awhile, he runs out of gas or makes some mistake, jumps out of his car and is shortly thereafter tackled, tazed, or just gives up.

Tuesday’s car chase in Northern California was nothing that special until the spectacular ending…

Always Happy to Help!This afternoon the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office was investigating a carjacking that…

Posted by Santa Cruz Police on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Really doesn’t make any difference why the car chase started because it’s all pretty standard.

The moron is running away from the police for some reason.

In this case, the guy was apparently firing a handgun in Santa Cruz County. Then he stole someone’s car and took off.

Police went after him. Speeds of 100 mph occurred (standard) and then he either purposely drove off a cliff into the ocean or he couldn’t handle a turn.

We prefer to think it was on purpose like he had a jet ski in the trunk. Or a rocket launcher.

Whatever the reason, it appeared as though the car chase would have a tragic ending.

Not so.

Just like Point Break fans believe Bodie survived the 50 year storm on his surfboard, this car chase guy made it out alive.

Even more spectacularly, no injuries. And that’s after one video showed the bobbing car smacking the guy in the head while still in the ocean.

As for the eyewitnesses, you gotta credit the Californians who take social distancing seriously.

One woman, who appeared to be wearing a welding helmet, said: “We saw a police officer come after him and all of a sudden he jumped the curve and drove the car right into the ocean,” she said.

“So we started moving toward the cliff to see if we could help but the officer had his gun drawn,” she said.

The best photos we could find of the whole thing — including the wrecked car — are located here.

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