Can’t We Just Enjoy Baseball Without All The Politics?

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Is the number one story Friday morning going to be Major League Baseball returning or some small number of players kneeling?

I am fascinated to see what the number one story will be because I’m afraid it’s going to be Major League Baseball players kneeling.

If that’s the case that after all this wait, after all this time of waiting around for sports to return, sports will return and they will be more political they’ve ever been in the history of the country.

We can’t just kick back and have a beer and watch a game. Everyone on the field has to make a statement about politics in order to play a game.

I don’t think athletes have any real sense about business and they don’t understand they are alienating some of their fans by embracing politics.

I am going to be curious about how these leagues do going forward if they are going to go full-on political because you can’t escape politics right now.

And I think when sports fans turn on sports, they want to see something completely non-political.

If you love politics, you can watch MSNBC, CNN, or FOX News.

You can spend all day on social media arguing with people.

I think they are going to alienate a huge number of their fan base.

I think it is going to be a unmitigated disaster.

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  1. Hey Clay,
    Don’t NOBODY tell me what’s happened in DC. No bigger Yankee fan than me (go way back) but I won’t even think about watching til maybe Saturday night and see how it shakes out.

  2. As a bonafide sports fanatic my entire life it kind of pains me say it .But I’m slowing coming to the realization that this whole situation , sportless pandemic, social justice woke athletes who actually think anyone is concerned with their stance on anything has me very unconcerned about sports in general. They’ve basically turned me into that crotchety old guy who views these millionaire ingrates and their overinflated sense of self-importance as boring and just not worth the effort.

  3. Very disappointing to hear that MLB players are kneeling. Was so looking forward to it… but will not be watching. I am a huge sports fan but the enjoyment is lost in the never ending demonstrations by these athletes on social & political issues. The only way it will stop it is if people STOP watching, buying tickets, and buying gear. Not a good business move to alienate at least half your fans, who by the way, help pay their salaries. As Clay would say “it makes no sense.” I will miss some of my favorite sports but gotta stand on my principles.

  4. I think I get it now. If you kneel and/or wear a BLM T-shirt or spray paint BLM in yellow On the street you are absolved of all guilt.

    You can be a reprobate in all other aspects of your life, but kneeling makes you kooool.

    When a yankee wears a BLM shirt at warm up, he is saying “it wasn’t me” it was you. You da fans did it. You the fans did all the bad stuff. Cheers to the fans who did all the bad stuff.

    That’s what kneeling is.

    I watched one pitch last night. Glad I missed the kneeling.
    No fans. No watch.

    Orange Man Bad is effecting everything … it’s gotta stop.

  5. I have watch sports my whole life (70+years) Sports was one segment where you could watch and just enjoy the game and competition Not anymore !! I’m done watching and sports. Let them all become political and watch the fans leave .

  6. And now for the seventh inning sing-along:

    “Count me out of the ball game,
    MLB doesn’t care about us.
    The wealth and the fame has them way out of whack,
    And they don’t seem to care if we ever come back.
    Now, it’s cheat, cheat, cheat for the vic’try,
    Whoever wins, it’s a shame.
    And it’s kneel, kneel, lockouts, and strikes,”
    In this new ball game.”

  7. It’s been pretty frustrating to watch sports go from what it was to what it is today.

    Now, it’s best to remind that the truth always wins in the end.

    And also remember that most of these players are well under 30, so it’s okay to give them some slack while they walk through today’s insane bombardment of left wing propaganda & hypocrisy.

    “If You Are Not a Liberal When You Are Young, You Have No Heart,
    If You Are Not a Conservative When Old, You Have No Brain”

    ~ (I don’t know who said it, but I’ve decided to give the young men a break. As a parent, we have to endure painful ‘development’ of our children sometimes.)

    Lebron, on th other hand – no excuses for him anymore! What a waste of what coulda been a true role model…

    Let’s make his jersey the #1 Seller…
    Now THAT would be a GREAT MESSAGE for everyone!!

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