Cardi B Backs Down After Candace Owens Put A Hit Out On The Twitter Streets

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As a fan of Twitter fights and someone who has gotten into a few (and won), I have to say that the Candace Owens-Cardi B fight this week was as good as any non-heavyweight boxing match in the past 12 months.

Like any good showdown, the country immediately rooted for a rematch. While the sequel is never as good as the original, this is still worth a view.

After exchanging blows, Cardi B scrubbed her tweets, notably those of doctored photos about which Owens threatened to sue her.

Cardi B denies she deleted the tweets out of fear, that instead the feud just got boring.

You can read through the full blow-by-blow here, but in short, Cardi B quote-tweeted a photoshopped tweet designed to look like Owens announced that her husband had sex with her brother.

Deleted but screenshotted:

“FYI I DO have a brother, a private citizen, who you are slandering right now with this photoshopped image that you are now publicly claiming you saw tweeted in real life,” Owens responded.

“I won’t stop until I’m the CEO and chairman of that WAP,” Owens concluded. I’ll leave with that.

Comment with who won Round 2 below:

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  1. Candace wins every time she picks one of these fights. Cardi B is a traffic driver. She’s similar to what Trump was for liberal media outlets.

    WAP follows in the tradition of: Baby Got Back, Me So Horny, Like a Virgin, Whole Lotta Love (seriously, listen to the lyrics to this Led Zepplin song some time), Tutti Frutti, etc. Elvis’s hips were too racy for TV.

    Prudes declared each of these, and plenty more, to be a sign of America’s impending downfall. Cardi B is doing the same thing Britney Spears and Madonna did, updated to arouse a new generation.

  2. Outkick should be better than this. “Stories” which are little more than screen shots of one idiot trolling another serve no purpose. News flash: Twitter is not reality and America’s demented obsession with it has given us cancel culture, BLM, AOC, and every other civilization-destroying bizarre preoccupation. To quote Joe Rogan, “Twitter is just mental patients flinging shit at each other”. And one other pertinent quote: “Opinions are like assholes- everybody has one, but I don’t want to see your asshole and I sure don’t care about your opinion”

    • You have to give it to Candace Owen though for her coherent and intelligent defense and takedown of a mostly ignorant yet tremendously influential modern star with all of the wrong and toxic values that negatively impact the minority population.

  3. Twitter is no more than an empty locker room covered with dirty towels, empty beverage containers, food wrappers and body fluids that never gets cleaned.

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